24 July, 2008

My Blog Ate My Homework

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Whew, I’m back everyone! My computer has been having some… er, issues with the WordPress software, but I believe that everything’s been sorted out, judging by the fact that my test post showed up.

Well, holy dang, it’s been a while since my last post! Almost a month, in fact. That is totally not acceptable. I could have a laundry list of excuses for you, but we’ll just skip right past that. My parents are on vacation, and therefore have the camera, but I can give you some rather out-dated pictures, and fill you in on what else is happening, knitting-wise.

First, the stuff that’s got pictures, which is sadly, not many. I have been making lots o’ progress on The Grey Beast, working all the way through Clue 4 and getting halfway through Clue 5 (the picture only shows Clue 4, though):

and a closeup (kinda):

I love all the ways the triangles within triangles build upon each other– it’s even more obvious in Clue 5, which I hope to have pictures for you tomorrow.

Remember when I mentioned I had startitis? Well, here’s the result of that:

Can’t tell what it is yet? Here’s a zoom-out:

Yep. I finally jumped on the bandwagon (about two years behind everyone) and cast on for a Clapotis. I had two skeins of Cotton-Ease that I’d gotten for my birthday, and thought it would make a perfect summer-y scarf/wrap (swrap? wrarf?). It’s definitely too short for a real stole, but it’s a great scarf, all drape-y and slinky and fun. Dropped stitches for the win!

Sadly, I believe that’s all the actual pictures I have to projects right now, but in my absence, I also:

*Finally, finally cast on for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, one of my most-coveted sweaters. I am most of the way through the body (only one more decrease section to go), and am going to start the sleeves as soon as I buy another US 5 circular needle from work (I only have one, it’s rather large, and it’s being used).

*Speaking of work, we opened our doors a few weeks ago, and we have been busy, lemme tell you! I took advantage of my “double discount day” and picked up a copy of Knitting Vintage Socks, a Susan Bates Sock Set (yes, I’m linking to the JoAnn.com page. I do work there, after all), and a sweater’s amount of the most gorgeous, peacock blue Country, from naturallycaron.com. It is so soft and comfy, I can’t decide what to make with it yet! I’m contemplating the Titania top, though…

*To make room for the new, delicious yarn (and all the stuff to follow it, I’m sure), I reorganized my stash! More on that tomorrow, but let me say, it takes up a lot less room, and some summer camp kids will be very happy with the Thrift Store Arcrylic I put in the Goodwill truck last week.

I believe that’s all I can give you in terms of an update, so I’ll hit publish and pray that works. Let’s hope I can get another, actual post up tomorrow, with real pictures and everything! Someday, I’ll be a Real Blogger, with actual content and stuff. Okay, here goes!



  1. […] News » News News My Blog Ate My Homework2008-07-25 00:10:45byBlue could have been making lots progress on that gotten for the triangles […]

  2. Laiane said,

    I’ve been toying with the idea of making a Clapotis as well, but Titania is on my Ravelry queue. I don’t want to make it with cotton yarn, though (too hard on my hands).

    I must say I like the triangle motif in the Gray Beast (and it will look much more wonderful after it’s blocked)!

  3. dre_ah said,

    I haven’t been to the new JoAnn’s location! How are the buttons? Sorry, thinking about trying to find awesome buttons for a project that’s on hold (Kangaroo Cardigan).

  4. BigBan said,

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Greets.

  5. Mae said,

    I’m back now, and it looks like you left again! PSH!
    COME BACK!!!

  6. Mae said,

    Take pictures of your reorganization as well! I want to see!

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