23 June, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

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Hey, all! Thanks for the words of encouragement about my ankle while I sat around and was a good girl and healed. Lemme tell you, it drove me NUTS to just sit around whilst my friends get to run around and go swimming and the like. Last week was crazy, what with school letting out and me starting a new job, hence the no updates. I’m getting ready to run out the door to do some errands, so you’ll have to make due with a few pictures from last week’s graduation. I still have another year to go (…sigh), but The Faery graduated. Yay for you, sweetie!

Last week was also my mother’s birthday. Because of my sprained ankle, I wasn’t able to block her scarf, but that should be done and given to her within a day or two, now that I’m mostly healed. More later, though. I’ve gotta go be all responsible and stuff.


10 June, 2008

Everything Happens in Threes

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…is how that old saying goes, I suppose, and that seems to be true for me right now. Last week, I got horribly sick (I went from “I’m going to die”, to “I want to die”, to “Well, maybe life’s not so bad” in the span of a week), the show I did sound for had major technical difficulties, and now I find myself staring down this:

(although I will admit, I do like my choice of colour for my toenail polish)

Yesterday, my body decided my life wasn’t exciting enough, and threw me down the stairs and off of the stage. Or at least, that’s how it felt to me. In reality, what probably happened (I’m still too stunned to clearly remember) is that I missed the bottom step of the stairs and tumbled down onto my ankle, spraining it quite nicely. Now, I’ve sprained both ankles several times before, and as sprains go, this one is mild. But it is still enough to knock me off my feet (literally!) for a day or two while it heals. I’ve got ice packs, pillows, and a new pair of crutches on my side, so I should be healed in a day or two (or three, because I am a stubborn S.O.B and don’t like to be slowed down, sprained ankle be damned). On the plus side, since I’ve had so much knitting time, I hauled out The Grey Beast again:

Yep. Dem Fischer Sin Fru is back! After taking a break from it, I’ve definitely rekindled my love affair for the pattern. It is still monstrous, but the rows feel a little less soul-crushing (yeah, remind me of that when I read Chart 5, and the rows are nearly twice as long). This shawl will be beautiful, an ethereal, floaty thing to drape myself in. I imagine wearing it over my gown when I graduate next year (assuming I actually finish the damn thing), wrapping myself in it when I attend the opening of my next gallery show– my own private little shroud of merino mystery.

In terms of the actual knitting of the thing, putting it onto circular needles has quickened my knitting progress dramatically. The weight is distributed more evenly, and the stitches feel less like they’re fighting for room. As you can see, there’s actually room for me to spread it out, and show a little bit of the pattern forming, on the sides:

And down the center:

The Options needles really are great for lace! They’re lightweight, and the tips are satisfyingly point, perfect for the delicate, splitty merino I’m using. I was really paranoid about the cable joins coming loose from the tips, but they’ve held steadfast the entire time I’ve been using them. I’ve been able to go pretty speedily through the last few rows, and finally, finally finished Chart 3. Luckily, the charts get smaller as the rows get longer, so I’m finally feeling like I’m on the home stretch.

Speaking of home stretches, my mother’s Dayflower Scarf is done:

Notice the working yarn still attached to the bind-off? That’s because I wasn’t sure if the scarf would be too long. I showed it to my mother, who draped it around her neck and announced it was the perfect length; but we all know (perhaps too well) that lace streeeeeeetches during blocking, so it may gain another half a foot on it. If it turns out to be too long, I’ll undo the bind-off and frog back a repeat or two.

But that’ll have to wait another day or two. As it stands, blocking is out of the question until I’m completely mobile again. The thing is, it’s not so hard to get down onto the floor; it’s the crawling around– and, more importantly, the getting back up– that’s the problem. I hate feeling useless, and am starting to get restless. Remember that “things coming in threes thing” I said? Well, I only have two major WIP’s, and I’m starting to get startitis. Maybe it’s time tro crack open Victorian Lace Today and start working on a lacey scarf for myself, too…

6 June, 2008

Eye Candy Friday (kind of)

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Well, my camera’s on the fritz again, and I felt the need to post, since I’m trying to do the whole “more regular posting” thing and all. So, today is Friday, and that means Eye Candy Friday, that old blogging tradition. And thus, I give you a picture of my office right now, taken once again with my MacBook’s camera:

Boxes! Lots of boxes, all full of new power cords for our laptops. I’ve had a nasty cold all week, and am thus high on Sudafed and tripping over these at every opportune (and inopportune) moment. I think they’re kind of beautiful, in a strange, demented sort of way. Enjoy!