30 May, 2008

And Lo, There Was Geekery

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:13 pm by rynserenity

So, I’m over at The Faery’s house for our weekly D&D game, bemoaning my lack of digital camera and the fact that I am doomed, again, to a picture-less post.

And then I remembered: I have a new MacBook, and therefore, it has Photobooth, which is like, the most ridiculously fun application ever, except for the one that makes your computer make lightsaber noises. And so, I give you: Ryn Knitting Crocheting at D&D.

It’s kinda hard to get a good picture of it, but the Little Star Afghan continues to grow. In nerd terms, it’s gone from Small sized to Medium sized:

I think our DM needs to compose himself a bit more:

That’s better.


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  1. Laiane said,

    I didn’t start knitting until a few years ago — long after my D&D days in high school. It would have been great to knit during the game during the long-ish expository parts or tedious battles after I’d already died/passed out/failed an important save. As a chaotic evil assassin, I doubt my fellow PC’s would have been comfortable with me at the table with pointy sticks…

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