22 May, 2008

Asaka, knit me a garden

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Yeah, way to alienate the readers with obscure musical theatre puns, Ryn.

Anywho, the above title is a pun on a line from a song from the musical “Once on This Island” (and the green grass grows all around, all around…), which I am in the process of helping to produce. I’m on the lighting crew, and this is only the first week of rehearsals, so there’s been quite a bit of “sitting around” time in between waiting for the cast to clear the stage, managing the board, and teaching the tech-n00bs to focus stage lights. Thus, the Little Star Afghan has grown quite considerably:

I decided that I was going to stripe it with some black yarn I inherited a while back, because I like the sort of “punk-rock crochet” thing it created. That, and stripes are Teh Awesome.

Okay, and because I wasn’t sure how much purple I had left. I think a couple more rounds of the black, and then I’ll either switch back to the purple or I’ll add in some dark blue I have. What do y’alls think? What *I* think is that I’m going to need a bigger bag soon:

I want this thing to be snuggly monstrous when it’s done.

On the smaller side of things, my dear mother’s birthday is coming up on three weeks or so. So, I took her to the yarn store yesterday, and she picked out this:

Two skeins of Rowan’s Wool Cotton, in a lovely sort of “robin’s egg perriwinkle”, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. The colour in the photographs is horribly innacurate, but I have limited time right now so I make due with what I’ve got. Two skeins of this great yarn is enough to make the Dayflower Scarf from StitchinGirl’s blog, which my mother herself picked out for her present. I’ve already done maybe three and a half repeats:

DK-weight yarn on US 8 needles = super fast knitting! I’m really hoping that I’ll finish this in time for her birthday.

A note about the yarn: I was really worried when my mother said she wanted a cotton scarf, because I’d heard a bunch of stuff about cotton hurting the hands when it’s knit with; not so with this stuff! I think it’s partially because it’s a cotton/wool blend, but it feels like butter on my hot little hands, which are made even hotter by the fact that it’s… well, hot here. The blue is so cool and refreshing, I wish I could just dive into it. I so want to try knitting with more cottons.

Speaking of which, I finally picked up the new issue of Interweave Knits when I was at the yarn store:

Can we say “major coveting”? Yes, we can. I want to knit practically all the designs here! I think the Apres Surf Hoodie and the Tidewater wrap (sorry, Ravelry link only, since I don’t have the time right now to hunt for the proper link) are on the top of my “must knit” list right now…

PS. I’ll be away at BayCon this weekend, so no post until Monday, at the earliest (I am so not taking my brand-new computer with me– too paranoid). Have a great Memorial Day weekend to my US readers! To the Canadians, enjoy the beautiful weather, if you’re getting it!



  1. Yeah, I’m going ot be doing the Apres Surf Hoodie and the Delft Tiles Tee, for sure. It’s one of the best-geared-to-my-tastes issues they’ve put out for quite a while.

    The star blanket totally rocks!

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Preternaturally!!

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