7 May, 2008

Pictures Again!

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Whew! It’s so good to have the camera back. I felt so awful about blogging with no pictures (Come on, I know that’s why you guys look at the website), but a blogger’s got to do what a blogger’s got to do, right? It’s such a relief to show you what things look like on my end. So, anyway, now that my blog’s in colour again, I can show you the pictures from Color: A Fiber Festival:

The event was fairly small, as you can see, but it was a gorgeous day! Knitters and spinners
everywhere: stretched out on the lawn, camped out on the stairs, spinning in doorways and corners. I even
got a few sock pictures! From left to right is one of the lovely ladies from A Verb for Keeping Warm/Tactile and the talented woman behind all the Tweed Chicken excitement (I’m so sorry ladies, I’ve forgotten your names!):

Now, onto the meat of the post. As I said before, I’m nearly done with the knitting portion of the Sunrise Circle. Here’s a nice picture of the left sleeve and back, loosely pinned so you get a general idea of the shapes:

The sleeves are larger than expected. Blocking this sucker is going to be exciting. I’m thinking of blocking the two sleeves on top of each other, to make them really symmetrical, but then the wool won’t dry, and that’s just all kinds of bad. Hmm. Looks like it’s the couch for me again later this week!

Since all my projects are a little… long term at the moment (jacket, shawl, socks), I needed something quick and easy. Enter Calorimetry:

This baby was done in two days! It’s finals week at school, so this went by lightening-fast. See the entry above for FO and details.

I finally have a little down time at home, so I’ll try to get some better pictures of Dem Fischer Sin Fru pinned out a little bit. I really want you to be able to see the beautiful patterns! More on that later. Tengo un examen de español que necesito para estudiar.

As for this guy?

Best. T-shirt. EVER.


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