30 May, 2008

And Lo, There Was Geekery

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So, I’m over at The Faery’s house for our weekly D&D game, bemoaning my lack of digital camera and the fact that I am doomed, again, to a picture-less post.

And then I remembered: I have a new MacBook, and therefore, it has Photobooth, which is like, the most ridiculously fun application ever, except for the one that makes your computer make lightsaber noises. And so, I give you: Ryn Knitting Crocheting at D&D.

It’s kinda hard to get a good picture of it, but the Little Star Afghan continues to grow. In nerd terms, it’s gone from Small sized to Medium sized:

I think our DM needs to compose himself a bit more:

That’s better.


28 May, 2008

Fall Down Go Boom?

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Hey, all! I’m back from BayCon. Well, I’ve actually been home since Monday afternoon, but I came home and basically went to sleep for two days. I actually fell asleep at my work station in the IT department at school today. My supervisor came over to make sure I was okay. Heh.

In other news, knitting (and crocheting) progress has been slow-ish. The Little Star Afghan continues to grow in small bursts in between focusing lights and running backstage for more gaffer’s tape. The Dayflower Scarf, which is getting most of my attention, is working up lightning fast; a nice change of pace from the behemoth that is The Fisherman’s Wife (yes, I’m still working on it. No, there’s no pictures. It looks exactly the same as it did last time). I’m totally digging the awesome cotton yarn my mom picked out. It’s really soft and cool, and knits up like a dream.

Sorry, guys! No pictures today. I’m kind of in a rush right now, trying to get stuff together for the next few days, since I’ll be over at The Faery’s. Maybe pictures in the morning? I’ll try.

PS. I got a job! The JoAnne’s near my house practically hired me on the spot, and I’m über-excited! My first day is in a few weeks. Mmmm, employee discount…

22 May, 2008

Asaka, knit me a garden

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Yeah, way to alienate the readers with obscure musical theatre puns, Ryn.

Anywho, the above title is a pun on a line from a song from the musical “Once on This Island” (and the green grass grows all around, all around…), which I am in the process of helping to produce. I’m on the lighting crew, and this is only the first week of rehearsals, so there’s been quite a bit of “sitting around” time in between waiting for the cast to clear the stage, managing the board, and teaching the tech-n00bs to focus stage lights. Thus, the Little Star Afghan has grown quite considerably:

I decided that I was going to stripe it with some black yarn I inherited a while back, because I like the sort of “punk-rock crochet” thing it created. That, and stripes are Teh Awesome.

Okay, and because I wasn’t sure how much purple I had left. I think a couple more rounds of the black, and then I’ll either switch back to the purple or I’ll add in some dark blue I have. What do y’alls think? What *I* think is that I’m going to need a bigger bag soon:

I want this thing to be snuggly monstrous when it’s done.

On the smaller side of things, my dear mother’s birthday is coming up on three weeks or so. So, I took her to the yarn store yesterday, and she picked out this:

Two skeins of Rowan’s Wool Cotton, in a lovely sort of “robin’s egg perriwinkle”, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. The colour in the photographs is horribly innacurate, but I have limited time right now so I make due with what I’ve got. Two skeins of this great yarn is enough to make the Dayflower Scarf from StitchinGirl’s blog, which my mother herself picked out for her present. I’ve already done maybe three and a half repeats:

DK-weight yarn on US 8 needles = super fast knitting! I’m really hoping that I’ll finish this in time for her birthday.

A note about the yarn: I was really worried when my mother said she wanted a cotton scarf, because I’d heard a bunch of stuff about cotton hurting the hands when it’s knit with; not so with this stuff! I think it’s partially because it’s a cotton/wool blend, but it feels like butter on my hot little hands, which are made even hotter by the fact that it’s… well, hot here. The blue is so cool and refreshing, I wish I could just dive into it. I so want to try knitting with more cottons.

Speaking of which, I finally picked up the new issue of Interweave Knits when I was at the yarn store:

Can we say “major coveting”? Yes, we can. I want to knit practically all the designs here! I think the Apres Surf Hoodie and the Tidewater wrap (sorry, Ravelry link only, since I don’t have the time right now to hunt for the proper link) are on the top of my “must knit” list right now…

PS. I’ll be away at BayCon this weekend, so no post until Monday, at the earliest (I am so not taking my brand-new computer with me– too paranoid). Have a great Memorial Day weekend to my US readers! To the Canadians, enjoy the beautiful weather, if you’re getting it!

19 May, 2008

The Eye of the Tiger

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This year, I had a truly awesome Pre-Calculus teacher. He was smart and sarcastic, lax about stuff like eating in class, and super-friendly. He’d always take extra time to explain a particularly difficult concept if even a few people weren’t getting it, making sure the majority of the class was all on the same page before moving on to the next topic. And when we came into class on exam days, he’d always have “Eye of the Tiger” playing on his computer for us, as sort of a “congratulations, you’re almost there. Now all you need to do is take all the information spilling out of your brains and dump it on the paper, and you’re done.”

That is exactly how I feel right now about the Sunrise Circle:


Look! Look at how close I am! As you can see, the jacket is fully wearable, but it still needs a few details. Things such as sewing down the front hems and buying buttons. I need something truly spectacular for this jacket; I mean, this is my first sweater! I’m thinking sea green or deep turquoise, fused glass or vintage pearlescent. Maybe even wooden toggles. It’ll all depend on what treasures I find at Stonemountain and Daughter when I drop by after school tomorrow.

On another note, I am completely enchanted with the hem facings:

Tacked down on the inside,

Barely visible from the outside!

So neat and tidy! I am already plotting what the next garment might be… I’m looking at you, Tangled Yoke Cardigan

PS. Check out the cutie I found on my wall this morning:

Wouldn’t that be the perfect closure for the jacket?

17 May, 2008

In Which My Bedroom Smells of Wool

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Yup, you’re hearing (er, reading) that right: my bedroom smells like wool. Wet wool, to be specific. You see, I am blocking the pieces of the Sunrise Circle Jacket:

You only see the sleeves in the above picture because the back has already been blocked:

And is waiting for me to block the sleeves. Again. See, what happened was that since it was so unbearably hot on Friday, I thought a good way to cool off and be productive would be to submerge woolly items into cool water, then pin them to my bed with the fan going full-blast. They’d dry quickly, right? Well, they did. The only problem was that I’d forgotten to close the door all the way. Enter the guilty party:

Louie here decided it would be a great idea to JUMP ON THE BED. I damn near had a heart attack when I came back in and saw the pieces in disarray. Luckily, the back was totally fine, and the sleeves just needed some “touch-ups”. The right sleeve needed it’s collar re-blocked, but the left sleeve needed a full do-over. So, now I have the fan going full-blast again, and hoping that they’ll dry pretty fast, since there’s still a bit of carry-over heat from the day.

Luckily, it’s cooling down fast, so I don’t have to feel like I’m dying anymore (heat wuss, remember?). This has been my hot weather project:

(Pattern in the Little Star Afghan, found here)

I know, I know! It’s crochet. Don’t kick me out of the club, please? See, I re-learned how to crochet not that long ago, and when it’s hot, crochet is easier on my hands. The yarn is arcrylic, so it doesn’t stick to my hands and start to felt a little like wool does, and holding one hook is easier than two needles.

Speaking of yarn, I scored at Thrift Town yesterday. Check it out!

Bag o’ Yarn for the win! I don’t know the full extent of its’ contents, but I’ll certainly fill y’alls in tomorrow when I plumb its’ woolly depths. I’m gonna go play with my shiny new toy:

(Shiny new MacBook! The other computer in the background is my faithful iBook, which was school-assigned. I have to give it back in a week or two)

Did you hear that? That was the sound of all my free time going down the drain. I have a new computer. I think I might be in love. I shall call her… well, I don’t know yet. I think we need to get to know each other more…

13 May, 2008

It’s Dead, Jim

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Dang, why is it so hard to come up with creative names for blog posts? Meh. Well, you’ll get the title when you see what I did over my weekend. I had mildly injured my wrist on Friday and had to take the weekend off from knitting and painting, so I decided maybe it was time to finally block the Sun Ray Shawl (scroll down). After a little research on Ravelry, I came up with a few articles on using a hot iron to “kill” the arcrylic to block it and give it a better drape. So, I got out my iron:

pinned out the shawl:

Soaked an old pillowcase in water and spread it over the shawl:

And got to work:

(Note: blogging while ironing is extremely dangerous, and should only be attempted by a seasoned blogging professional. Don’t try this at home)

I used a hot iron, no steam, and ran it over the fabric until the pillowcase was completely dry, then let the shawl sit until it was cool to the touch, and it was dry, stopping every once in a while to admire the great texture of the undulating lace:

Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well as I had hoped it did. When I unpinned it, the fabric curled up a little bit again, and it shrank pretty substantially. When I try this again, I’m running it through the washing machine first, then pinning it out and ironing it. Hopefully, that’ll do it.

Now that my wrist is all better, it’s back to knitting for me! I’m approaching the end of the right sleeve of the Sunrise Circle; I’m hoping to finish it either tomorrow or Thursday. Looks like there’ll be an FO by the end of the week!

Also, while I was in a crafty mood, I made these:

Talk about recycled art! These were made from the side of a Peet’s cup, which always have the neatest designs on them. Hmm, maybe a bracelet to match? I have a collection of these cups sitting around…

7 May, 2008

FO: Calorimetry

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Pattern: Calorimetry from Knitty Winter 2006

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Taos, colourway forgotten (I’ll just call it Electric Peacock for now)

Needles: US 6 Knit Picks Options

Modifications? Yes, but very minor. I just went down two needle sizes, from a US 8 to a US 6, in order to get it to fit my head more snugly.

This is the perfect pattern for a Californian! In my part of the state, you can almost always use a little something to cover up your head during the brisk mornings. And it’s small enough to get crammed into a purse when it does finally (I hope) warm up. I’ll definitely knit this again!

Pictures Again!

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Whew! It’s so good to have the camera back. I felt so awful about blogging with no pictures (Come on, I know that’s why you guys look at the website), but a blogger’s got to do what a blogger’s got to do, right? It’s such a relief to show you what things look like on my end. So, anyway, now that my blog’s in colour again, I can show you the pictures from Color: A Fiber Festival:

The event was fairly small, as you can see, but it was a gorgeous day! Knitters and spinners
everywhere: stretched out on the lawn, camped out on the stairs, spinning in doorways and corners. I even
got a few sock pictures! From left to right is one of the lovely ladies from A Verb for Keeping Warm/Tactile and the talented woman behind all the Tweed Chicken excitement (I’m so sorry ladies, I’ve forgotten your names!):

Now, onto the meat of the post. As I said before, I’m nearly done with the knitting portion of the Sunrise Circle. Here’s a nice picture of the left sleeve and back, loosely pinned so you get a general idea of the shapes:

The sleeves are larger than expected. Blocking this sucker is going to be exciting. I’m thinking of blocking the two sleeves on top of each other, to make them really symmetrical, but then the wool won’t dry, and that’s just all kinds of bad. Hmm. Looks like it’s the couch for me again later this week!

Since all my projects are a little… long term at the moment (jacket, shawl, socks), I needed something quick and easy. Enter Calorimetry:

This baby was done in two days! It’s finals week at school, so this went by lightening-fast. See the entry above for FO and details.

I finally have a little down time at home, so I’ll try to get some better pictures of Dem Fischer Sin Fru pinned out a little bit. I really want you to be able to see the beautiful patterns! More on that later. Tengo un examen de español que necesito para estudiar.

As for this guy?

Best. T-shirt. EVER.