30 April, 2008

Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:18 pm by rynserenity

No, it’s a blog post! Hey there, ladies and gents. I’m afraid that this won’t be a very interesting post, because my camera has gone on vacation with my dad, and won’t be back until Saturday. I don’t want to go that long without blogging (I need my fix, man!), so you get a slimmed-down post today. On the knitting front:

*I’ve finished the left sleeve of Sunrise Circle and am almost to the raglan/front shaping on the right sleeve. This pattern is so quick (because it’s knit with worsted weight wool, I suspect) and the shaping is fairly intuitive once you get it down. It’s just a lot of counting, which Ms. OCD here happens to like.

*The Monkey socks would have been finished… except I frakked up and knit a few too many repeats on both legs. We are taking a break from each other while I work out my frustration on something else.

*The something else: A few months ago, I bought a skein of Crystal Palace’s “Taos” in a great purple-y green/yellow colour, which is quickly becoming a Calorimetry, one of my most favourite patterns EVER. It’s the perfect last-minute gift, and it’s incredibly practical for the Bay Area. We’re at that point in our weather cycle where you get one day of hope for warm weather, and then it’s cold for the rest of the week. A head wrap is just the thing to chase away the wind!

*Dem Fischer Sin Fru continues to grow, but at a very, very slow rate. I’m nearly done with Chart 3, and the realization that I am only halfway finished, and that this monster is going to double in size, is just a little soul-crushing. I might have to cast on for something smaller to take the edge off. I’m trying to be lace-monogomous, really!

On the social knitting front, I went to Color: A Fiber Festival on Saturday and had a serious blast! The knitters and spinners were really nice, and I got some good sock pictures, not to mention some sweet loot: a skein of Kid Mohair in “Superfood” from A Verb for Keeping Warm, and a t-shirt with a drawing of a spinning wheel on it from the same vendor (this one. Seriously, if you’re a spinner, you need this t-shirt). I almost got some tussah silk roving in the most gorgeous electric blue colour, but alas, I was seriously out of money. I’d like to, you know, eat lunch some time this week, and I’d rather spin silk than eat it!

That’s all for now, folks. I’m hoping that the next post will have lots of lovely pictures for you!


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