13 April, 2008

And Now Back to Your (Ir)Regularly Scheduled Knitting

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Heh heh. Apparently, I just fail at being able to post on a regular basis. My only excuse is a lethal combination of end-of-the-semester craziness (all of my teachers decided, “Quick! This is our last chance to assign them massive amounts of homework!) and pure laziness. I hang my needles in shame.

I may be lazy, but at least I can’t sit still, so you know there’s been knitting. Remember in my last post when I talked about the Sunrise Circle Jacket? Well, I kinda sorta finished the back. In three days. Here it is in all its glory:

(my camera does strange things to stockinette texture. The fabric is not all swirly like that.)

I did only the roughest of jobs at pinning it out, as it is 88 degrees in the shade here, and I am an absolute wuss when it comes to the heat. Thank the gods for nice cool lace knitting! I keep looking at the raglan seams and thinking, “Are they supposed to be this long?” Then I double-check the directions, measure everything (yes, I swatched. Obsessively), and roughly try it on by draping it over me. It looks and feels correct, so on I go. I’m most of the way through the left sleeve:

(I am too lazy to pin this one right now. It’s just too hot.)

and I am totally enthralled by the construction. On one side, you do the decreases for the raglan, and on the other you do the increases for the front, and it all just sort of blooms out of the underarm. It’s like fracking magic. Here’s a close-up:

Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love the KnitPicks Options needles? They are so smooth and light in my hands, it’s like knitting with air! The cool metal isn’t so slippery that everything falls off, providing just a little bit of grab needed for making good progress on a project. The cable join is really smooth, although I have yet to put it up to the ultimate test (lace knitting) yet. I look forward to that.

Today, I drove up to Davis to visit the college there (and to hang out with my good friend Elisa, who’s a Bio major there), so that was a good two hours of car knitting. Out come the Monos Locos, of course!

There are 11-12 repeats on each leg, and I’m starting to get closer to the end. I think it’s time to separate that one big skein into two littler ones. I’ll do that tonight whilst watching more “Battlestar Galactica” (of which I have become Teh Addicted).

And now, I am off to get a glass of iced tea and work on The Fisherman’s Wife. Sunrise Circle will have to wait until the sun goes down.


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