1 April, 2008

What Happens in Vegas… pt. Deaux

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Gods dangit, guys. My internet connection is being really buggy again, and the computer’s just sluggish (I think it needs a good, hard… defrag. Hehehe). It’s taking forever to upload these guys. I’ll let the computer run overnight, and post the pictures into this entry during my study period at school tomorrow. D’oh!

Okay, everything’s working again. I’m on the school’s network, so I need to keep this short, but here it is, at last: Ryn’s Adventure in Las Vegas!

Sadly, I was only able to take one sock picture (It was either inconvenient to take it out, or I forgot), but at least it was at a sufficiently tourist-y location: The Hoover Dam.

Oh lordy, the water in the dam looked good. It is hot in Las Vegas! Keep in mind that where I’m from, the temperature rarely gets about 80 degrees, and even then, it’s considered a heat wave. Out here, it hit eighty repeatedly, and even spiked into the high nineties. This makes for NOT a happy knitter. Blech.

Other highlights of the trip include seeing the Master Chief at Madame Toussaud’s:

(For those who don’t know, the Master Chief is a character in the video game Halo)

Eating teeny tiny carrot cakes at Jean-Filippe Patisserie in the Bellagio:

Seeing people polishing the plants in the same hotel:

Playing “Dr. Who” pinball at the pinball hall of fame:

And seeing the fountains at the Belaggio:

(I have had a secret obsession with these fountains since I saw “Ocean’s 11” a few years back)

Other great (but photoless) moments include: Seeing Spamalot! at the Wynn, driving through the Middle of the Freaking Desert, watching people hand out flyers for hookers call girls to random people, and having an Easter egg hunt in our hotel room. Great times were had by all. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to my Illustration class. Ta, all!



  1. Oh, man, when my hub & I hit Vegas later this year, he’s TOTALLY going to want a photo with the Master Chief. Looks like you had a great trip!

  2. Heather said,

    So… jealous… Master… Chief…

    Next time we go to Vegas, I need to check that out!!! too Cool!

  3. Laiane said,

    What I love about Vegas is that it is so absolutely over-the-top surreal. I normally don’t like bustle and crowds and activity (serious introvert here), but Vegas was a hoot. The Husband and I got married by an Elvis impersonator there 7 years ago, and I want to go back. We never got to the Liberace museum!

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