31 March, 2008

What Happens in Vegas…

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… stays in Vegas, right?

Wrong. Not if you’re a knitblogger, that is. Behold, for the Knerdy Knitter has returned from her week of sin (not really)! My plane flew in very, very late on Thursday, I slept through most of Friday, and spent this past weekend being ridiculously busy; I had so many errands to run! I’ll post a full travel report tomorrow (when the camera comes back from my dad’s warehouse, where he was photographing some storage stuff for Craigslist), but for now, here’s a picture-less rundown of the current knitting projects:

*The Monos Locos are cruising along nicely. I knit on the plane both ways, and on a very long drive through The Middle of Freaking Nowhere, and got a bit done on them! They each have about ten repeats on the leg portion, and there’s still a bit of delicious alpaca goodness left.
*As suspected, my order from KnitPicks did indeed arrive on the day that I left for Vegas. Want to know what was inside? A set of their Options(!)  needles with the aluminum tips, a sweater’s worth of Wool of the Andes in “Tidepool Heather”, a sweater’s worth of Merino Style in “Asparagus”, and two balls of their sock yarn Felici in the colourway “Martinique”. Oh, yes, there was yarn splurging, and it felt good! The WOtA is becoming a Sunrise Circle Jacket (I’m halfway through the raglan decreases for the back already), and the Merino Style will become a Tangled Yoke Cardigan (I heart Eunny Jang!).
*Dem Fischer Sin Fru iscoming along, too. It was my “knit in the room” project, and I managed to get halfway through Clue 3. The rows are getting long, long, loooong now! It’s still a fun engaging pattern, though, and so beautiful! I can’t wait to see it blocked.

You think that’s crazy? Wait until you see what knit-worthy souvenirs I bought in Las Vegas!


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