19 March, 2008

Yarn Magnet

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So, apparently, the universe has decided that I’m going to start attracting yarn. Mind you, there are most certainly worse things in the world to be than a yarn magnet, but I am still young and still live with my parents. Not a whole lot of space here. Although, that may explain all the sock yarn…

Anywho, I’m lazing around on Sunday when who should call? AntChris, of guest-blogging fame. She says she found some free yarn, and would I be interested in the stuff she didn’t want? Heck yes, I am! So, she brought it over, and this is what I got:

Better pictures later, as I’m really sleepy and have to go to school tomorrow. Trust me, there’s a lot of good yarn in there.

In terms of actual knitting, the Monos Locos are coming along nicely:

I’ve done four repeats on each leg so far, and I’m basically planning on knitting until I’m almost out of yarn, then doing the twisted rib cuff for maybe an inch or so. I love, love, love these socks! The colours make me want to dance. In fact, I have been moved to dancing. We are a very strange breed, us knitters.

Which reminds me, I finally got the chance to check out Knitting Without Tears from my local library. Wow! I can see why so many knitters love EZ! I will definitely need to try and get my hands on a copy of this book. I love her percentage system for sweaters! It could easily be converted into a cardigan, a turtleneck could be added… there are so many possibilities! In my mind, I am already scheming away at the idea of a jacket/coat sort of thing. I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into stranded knitting for a bit, maybe some mosaic-esque patterning? Oooh, maybe I could convert Arietta into a seamless sweater?

But that’s all brainstorming for another day. I have to go pack for my flight on Saturday; I like to have lots of time to decide what knitting to bring. (Oh, did I mention that I’m going on vacation next week? Since it’s spring break, my family and I are packing up and flying to sunny Las Vegas for a week! Guest-blogging will have to be arranged. Hmmm… hey AntChris, you learned to knit recently! Wanna guest-blog again?)

PS. Dem Fischer Sin Fru is making good progress. I finished Clue 2 tonight, and will most likely start Clue 3 on the plane to Las Vegas this weekend. Insert picture of it looking slightly bigger here.

PPS. My order from KnitPicks still hasn’t arrived. I have the sneaking suspicion that it will get here the day I leave for vacation.

PPPS. I have Murphy’s Law.


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  1. Laiane said,

    Two things:

    1. As to the Yarn Attracting, sometimes you just need to accept the Master Plan of the Universe and Let Things Flow. Of course, this is easier to tell yourself when you’re attracting yarn and not so easy to tell yourself when you can’t get gauge, find knots in your yarn, or have just lost your Knitting Mojo in general.

    2. Elizabeth Zimmerman r0xx0rs! Not only is she a knitting genius, her wit can always make me smile (even on the No Knitting Mojo days).

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation! Viva Las Vegas!

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