15 March, 2008

Who knew…

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You could buy yarn from the Dollar Store?

Sure enough, there it was, just sitting all innocent-looking in a big cardboard box. I couldn’t resist (because I cannot afford to be a yarn snob), so I grabbed two skeins in colours I rather like: black and white. I have yet to open the packaging, so I don’t know what it feels like, or how it knits up, but I’ll certainly let all of you know when I gather up the courage.

However, it turns out I can be a yarn snob… when someone else is buying. My mother still owed me one skein of yarn as a “bribe” from back when I took the SAT’s a few weeks ago, so I popped into Stash and got the following:

The newest Interweave Knits (finally), and a skein of Pagewood Farms’ sock yarn in the colourway “Bird of Paradise”. I think it will find itself being turned into a Lace Ribbon scarf. Yum.

In other yummy news, the Sun Ray shawl is off the needles!

(seen here looking like a crumpled mess, but that will be fixed soon.)

I even took that extra TWO HOURS and did the adorable little picot bind-off at the edge:

I swear, if it wasn’t so cute… *grumble*

Anyway, it’s due to meet its date with the blocking pins tomorrow, and hopefully, we won’t have a repeat of last time. I don’t mind sleeping on the floor, but The Faerie may.

As far as the other shawl? Well, it’s coming along:

Looks about the same, don’t it? I assure you, I’m actually working. I’m just over 1/3 of the way through Clue 2 of Dem Fischer Sin Fru, and I’m still enjoying it greatly. My only worry is, where am I going to block it? It looks like it will be HUGE when it’s done. Looks like I should look into getting some of those foam blocks…

PS. Yes, I’ve been spinning. Here’s what I’ve spun up:

and here’s what I have left:

Woo hoo.


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