12 March, 2008

Chugging Along

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Man, I seem to have this nasty habit where I post, then fall off the internet for a week. I really need to cut that out. This week, I have a semi-excuse. I would have posted more, but I (ahem) misplaced my camera (it was in the car the whole time. I am a dork) and went to Santa Cruz to visit the college there (ohmygodit’ssoprettywannagowannagowannago!). And then I heard that Gary Gygax had died. I took the news much, much harder than I had expected. I didn’t know him personally, nor did I ever get to meet him, but I feel like he left a huge impact on my life. All of those hours spend around a table, the thousands of calories consumed in the form of soda, chips, and pizza, the hundreds of dollars spent on dice and supplement books… and most of all, the sense of friendship, excitement, adventure, and (occasionally) frustration that I received from the amazing game he gave us. Needless to say, I was grieving a bit last week. I had wanted to write a tribute to him, but I felt that others had said what I couldn’t. Last week, our party rolled up our sleeves, dusted off our old 2nd-edition rulebooks, and played some good old-fashioned “hack-and-slash” Dungeons and Dragons. It was a fitting tribute.

And so, where there’s knerdy, there’s knitting. There’s been quite a bit of progress on the knitting front. I’m 50% done with the Monos Locos, having turned the heel during game last week (why does that always seem to coincide?):

(Sock #1: magic loop. Sock #2: DPN’s)

I’m doing them two at a time (not on two circulars, because I was impatient and wanted to start them right now instead of waiting for my order from Knitpicks to come in (oh, yes, I have things to show you once it gets here. Pretty, shiny things…). I didn’t have a kitchen scale when I started knitting them, so I decided to do it like this. I am amused. The beautiful, one- to two-row stripes are endlessly charming:

Expect to see more Paca-peds in the future.

Also, I finished Clue 1 of Dem Fischer Sin Fru. It really doesn’t look exciting right now, because I’m worried that if I take it off the needles to dry-block, I’ll never get it back on! Look at it, all crammed onto the needles:

(Note: for this pattern, stitch markers are your friend…)

Poor thing. Again, when my order from Knitpicks gets here it will have a little more room to breathe.

Occasionally, I want something a little more mindless than uber-fine lace, so I dragged out the Sun Ray Shawl again, as it had been… er, marinating in the UFO basket for a bit:

I’m getting impatient (and running out of yarn), so when I finish this repeat (I believe it’s the fifth fourth one), I’ll bind off and block it. Lovely warm (casual) shawl for the win.

Remember back in 2007 when I learned to spin? Well, I haven’t stopped. I’ve been chugging away on my Artfibers “Miso” that I bought back in August, spinning a little at a time. Now, I’m a very self-conscious spinner, and I don’t like my parents watching me spin, so I usually wait until they’ve gone to bed to spin. Needless to say, there definitely could be more spinning hours in a day if I could just get over that… (sigh) Although, I’m very proud of what I’ve spun up so far:

(Insert picture here. I am a dork, and forgot to take pictures)

It’s a little finer than what I had originally aimed for, but I think it will do just fine. And no, I don’t know how much is there at the moment. I need to wind off and wash the yarn to set the twist, and then I’ll let y’alls know.

Whew! That’s a lot in one post! See? I haven’t just been wandering about absent-mindedly, clutching my knitting needles and muttering about “percentile charts” and “saving throws”. I’ll be okay. Here, look at yarn:

Yarn good.



  1. I’ve actually uttered the phrase “DAMN! I thought I MADE my saving throw vs. dropped stitches!!”

    I, too, was a bit more affected by Gary Gygax’s death than I would’ve thought… but he was behind a major chunk of my development (and I’m only one person separated; my lead GM in college’s dad’s buddy, Gary, was *his* first GM growing up!). Many, many years later, and this Saturday will be installment #6 in a new campaign that started up last fall… after the 8-year CoC campaign, which followed the CrossRoads Campain that Wouldn’t Die… etc.

    (After the ex-boyfriend who thought that “stitching or knitting or stuff takes your mind off the game and I hate repeating myself”… my definition of a good GM includes realizing “letting CJ play with her sharp pointy sticks during session keeps me from using them on me”.)

  2. Laiane said,

    I wish I was a knitter back in the day when our D&D group was going. I’ve discovered that knitting actually helps me concentrate on what people are saying; I just seem to focus more and my attention doesn’t wander off.

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