14 February, 2008

It Begins

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:27 pm by rynserenity

The dogs know that I am up to something. They know that I will be leaving the house, and I may never return (at least, in their imaginations). This has led to some fairly neurotic cat-chasing behavior. I have had to soothe her:

And might I say, she looks positively snorgle-licious while keeping me company. Suitcase?

Packed. Shawls?

Properly contained within ziploc bags, so they will not be harmed. New travelling sock?

Packed and ready to go. I may or may not have internet access at the ‘con this weekend, so I will try and do one last short entry before I leave tomorrow (hooray for sleeping in!) I’m off to get one more good night’s sleep before the madness fun begins.

PS. Is anybody else sensing a definite colour theme here?


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  1. Laiane said,

    I must admit to laughing out loud when I saw “snorgle-licious,” or would that be LOL’ed?

    Enjoy the con!

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