13 February, 2008

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet…

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The baby’s sleeping:

I swear, these dogs will wake up just to bark at leaves falling across the street. It’s a delicate balancing act tying to come home after bellydance at 9:00 and not wake the whole household.

That’s why this will be a relatively short entry: I’ve just gotten home from dance class, and I have a bunch of things to do before I can achieve the sweet release of sleep, including finishing my homework, taking a shower, making a packing list for PantheaCon, and putting away my new yarn.

Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. New yarn, all right. See, my mother worked out a deal with me: since I’m going to SAT tutoring every week, for every two sessions, I get one skein of yarn. Pretty sweet, eh? I love bribery. Here’s this week’s treat:

A lovely hank of Baruffa Cashwool; 1460 yards in a beautiful rich orange colour. Exactly the shade you’d expect from an almost too-ripe pumpkin. Delicious. I believe this will be destined for Secret of the Stole II once the Fisherman’s Wife is finished– eventually. See, every four rows, the shawl increases by twelve stitches. Needless to say, the rows are getting pretty long, and I’m only halfway through Clue 1! Sigh. I comfort myself by knitting something small and equally as beautiful. Remember this yarn?

(somewhat over-exposed photo. The colours are much more rich than that.)

My beloved Paca-Peds is finally getting used! Hoorah! Last night, it became this:

(yes, I do wind my yarn into yarn cocoons. I find it very satisfying, and I feel immensely clever whilst doing it. Also, they’re freaking adorable.)

which is becoming a pair of these:

Yup. (a very bad picture of) Los Monocos Locos; in other words, toe-up Monkeys. I love, love, love this yarn! The colours are deeply saturated and rich, the yarn is smooth and warm between my fingers, and I get an opportunity to do Magic Loop, another technique that makes me feel very clever, indeed. I will definitely be buying more of this yarn in the future. It comes in so many scrumptious colourways it makes me happy. I’ve been eyeing the “Ocean” colourway for a pair of socks for my dear mother.

That’s all for today! Tomorrow will (hopefully) be the last post of the week, as I am off to PantheaCon on Friday morning. I will try to arrange for a guest-blogger, but I can make you no promises. I’m off to panic write a packing list.


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  1. mlegan said,

    Yes, those cocoons give one a feeling of great satisfaction! And lucky you the deal you have is not by the yard – you’d get nothing beyond the cashwool!

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