6 February, 2008

Wait… Was that Sun?

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Yup, the weather’s starting to clear up here in California. Last week, we celebrated Imbolc, also known as the Feat of St. Brigid, or… Groundhog Day. Imbolc, to us Pagans, celebrates not spring itself, but the promise of spring. Sort of a “good job, you made it halfway through, you deserve to stop and celebrate for a bit”. What can I say? Us Pagans, we like to celebrate.

So anyway, I’ve been plodding along on my current WIP’s, making some pretty good progress this week. I’ve done a lot of this:

Because I’ve been commuting more than usual this week.

Last night, I went to the Oakland Museum of California to see a documentary called “The Iron Ladies of Liberia” (scroll down a bit), which was smashingly good, and quite funny in some places. My favourite part was when the president of Liberia had to go talk to President Bush in the US, and every time he spoke, the audience laughed. I love my community.

Speaking of politics, yesterday was Super Tuesday, as I’m sure you all know. Since I live in California, that meant watching the election coverage last night (no, I will not tell you who my family voted for). It was quite cozy, for I had this:

(that’s a small dog, for those who weren’t quite sure)

and I worked on this:

You can’t tell at the moment (because I’m recovering from a rather severe migraine and can’t focus enough to dry-block), but this is half of Clue 1 from Dem Fischer Sin Fru, or the Fisherman’s Wife shawl. Moni is such a talented designer, and I’m having great fun with this shawl design; it’s a Faroese-style shawl, and the clues are released in a very clever way that I can’t describe without making it sound… well, somewhat less clever. Just trust me on this one.

But wait! you say. Where did that lovely soft grey yarn come from? Well, remember these?

A few weeks ago, I went to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse to get some materials for an art project, and I saw these babies. There was an entire SHELF of coned yarns of varying colours, sizes, and states of cleanliness. I picked out three of them for my very own, and as far as I can tell, all three of them are 100% wool. I think the seafoam green and the light grey may even be merino, because of the slight halo they both have.

Either way, they’re soft and there’s a bajillion miles of it. I’m thinking the green will be made into either a Spring Shawl Surprise or I will use it to experiment with yarn dyeing techniques. Yes, yes, the gears are turning. Mwahaha…

Either way, dinner’s in the oven, my migraine medicine’s kicking in, and I have an almost-finished sock calling me. See how close I am?

Yup. Just 0.5″ of ribbing left to go. I can knock this baby out in half an hour, tops. That is, if the migraine meds don’t knock me out too bad…

PS. Sun Ray Shawl? What Sun Ray Shawl? There is only Zuul the Fisherman’s Wife…


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