31 January, 2008

Appreciating the Craft

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(“the craft”, as in knitting, not “the Craft”, as in Paganism/Wicca, although I am a practicing Pagan.)

It has been Very Cold here in Berkeley. Like, I can see my breath in the freaking car cold. Thank goodness I knit, or I would have lost the feeling in my fingers about a week ago. I’m sitting at the computer, and I am wearing my newly-finished Evangeline Gloves (F.O. above), a pair of hand-knit socks, and a hat. I am quite warm, and my family is quite warm. My mother is, I believe, wearing her birthday scarf from last year.

Winter is the time of the year when our craft is appreciated the most, I think. People have a real, genuine need for warm, wooly objects, and us knitters are the ones to supply them. Because a sweater from Target/K-mart/what have you is not nearly as warm as a hand-knit sweater. Partially because it’s usually thicker, and better constructed. And then there’s the love. Oh, yes, the love. Feel it, you must. Hmmmm… (so says Knitterly Yoda. C’mon, you know the little green dude knits. It’s fairly obvious.)

ANYway, back to the original point. Winter is not only the time when I’m appreciated for my skills (not those skills. Only The Faery appreciates those), but it also includes the birthdays of some of my very favourite people, including the illustrious AntChris, who was kind enough to guest-blog for me whilst I was away in Hawaii for two weeks. Last Tuesday, she celebrated an undisclosed number of years, as it was her birthday. I won’t be posting a picture of her, partially because I sadly have no good pictures of her, and she’s a bit more protective of her internet identity than I am.

Happy birthday, Chrissie. May the year be good to you (and I hope you finish that scarf soon. It’s very pretty), you silly Swedish Aquarius, you.



  1. AntChris said,

    Tank you, dahlink – but it’s silly Svedish Akvarius, you know.
    I’m afraid I only just read this, because I’ve been so busy, but if all goes well, I’ll see you tonight. Thanks again, I will save your text and keep it around. It will be your turn soon! love, C

  2. Laiane said,

    I agree — Yoda is a knitter. It’s sort of obvious now that I think about it.

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