26 January, 2008

Emotional… Knitting?

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Sorry I’ve been gone (and haven’t posted an FO for the Argosy scarf), guys. This week’s been crazy busy. I had a big deadline for my Illustration class, and I got a wicked nasty cold that zapped me of my ability to do much besides drag myself to school and knit. I was also introduced to the wonderful world of dietary restrictions this week, which has made me fairly cranky. I have this lovely little chart that’s taped up in my kitchen, detailing what’s “allowed”, “eaten with caution”, and “restricted”. I was rather upset to discover that all nuts were on the list. One of my favourite comfort foods is marzipan, which is a sweet almond paste that can be molded into little shapes, or put inside chocolate bars. I coped with this realization by lying on the sofa and pouting a bit whilst doing this:

Yup, that’s three repeats of the Sun Ray Shawl. Since it’s knit top-down, I couldn’t really get a clear picture of exactly how big it was, so I shoved it onto some waste yarn and stretched it out my couch a bit. Looks a bit Faroese-esque, no? It’s not, I assure you. See?

I pinned it out a bit to see the lace pattern open up a bit, since it does get a bit, er, repetitive after a while. What I saw was certainly enough to lift my spirits:

Sun Ray Shawl, indeed. Just imagine how pretty this would look if it was beaded…

I’ve also been working on the Jaywalkers, but work on them has stalled a bit because they’re shoved into my school bag, and I’m kind of avoiding that area of the house because I have a paper to write that I don’t wanna. I turned the heel while at our weekly Dungeons and Dragons game last week, and there’s about 1″ of leg after that, as you can see:

Work on these has also been put on hold by the fact that it is wicked cold in the Bay Area (note to all the Canadians: shut up. I’m Californian, so 40 degrees fahrenheit is cold to me. Don’t you mock me), and I am in dire need of some fingerless gloves so I can knit on the train and not get frostbite. Apparently when I’m pissed off about something, I knit really, really quickly:

Seen here are is one almost-complete glove in a pair of Evangeline’s Gloves, from the newest Magknits. I saw these and thought they were the cutest things, and that they would give me an opportunity to practice Magic Loop (I own US 7 circulars, but no DPN’s, and I was impatient). I just have to knit the thumb:

and this glove’s done! I cast on for these Wednesday night; I finished them Friday night. Talk about stress knitting!

Tune in tomorrow when our heroine writes about her adventures of the three-day weekend. Hint: it involves lots of this

and these:

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Mae said,

    As a Canadian, I will ignore that comment. hahaha. Fingerless gloves are crucial when it’s chilly though!!!

    You put me on a Jaywalker kick after seeing your first post about them. I just knit one in two days! Bahahaha… I should get back to the readings I have for the week and avoid CSI + knitting…

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