14 January, 2008

PS. The Scarf Wasn’t Dry…

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Yep, I slept on the floor. It was pretty comfy, actually. See, I have this really uber-squishy comforter that I absolutely adore (hypoallergenic, too, since I have a string of health issues that are not related to nerdiness or knitting), so I cocooned up into that and fell asleep cozily.

The scarf was dry when I woke up.
I was not amused.

Anywho, we’re watching “El Laberinto del Fauno“, AKA “Pan’s labyrinth” in my Spanish class, which means I don’t really need to look up to read the subtitles (I’m semi-fluent in Spanish, and I’ve seen the movie three times), so I got quite a bit done on the second Jaywalker:

I’m just about an inch away from the heel turn, which means I’m nearly 75% done with the pair! Don’t believe me that they are fraternal, not identical, socks?

Yeah. They’re off by about half a pattern repeat. That’s going to drive me crazy.

On the less colourful side, since I finished Argosy (FO tomorrow, with potential “guest model”), I cast on for another shawl:

This is the crumpled beginnings of a “Sun Ray Shawl” (pattern from Elann.com), about 1.5 chart repeats out of five, in some mystery worsted-weight yarn that I had bought from the Depot of Creative Reuse for about $1.50 (there used to be two skeins. I’m not sure where the other one went). It felts, so I know it’s at least partially wool, meaning it will block. I hope.

This is a nice, easy pattern, which will hopefully aid into a smooth transition to the Spring Shawl Surprise, which started two weeks ago. I’m purposefully not keeping up with the clues this time, and taking it at my own pace. The shawl is turning out beautifully, though! I figure that the Sun Ray will be done in another week or so (if I don’t get impatient), and then I’ll cast on for SSS.

You know what the real kick in the arse is? The place I go for SAT tutoring (which is making me miss my regular Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, another sore point) is right across form K2Tog, one of my favourite LYS’s. Bummer.


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  1. Mae said,

    The scarf looks awesome… but I would not have sacrificed my bed! haha. My couch maybe…

    The Jaywalkers are coming along nicely though, fraternal twins isn’t a problem when they’re made for someone else – just shows off how handmade they are! ha

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