12 January, 2008

Storms, SAT’s… SOS!

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Please pardon my temporary absence from the blog. Our area was hit by a massive crazy storm over the past week, and while my power didn’t actually go out (the lights flickered a bunch, though), my internet connection and my phone line has been extremely unreliable for the past few days. This was the view out my window last Saturday:

And this was what the trees across the street looked like:

Yeah, the wind was blowing that hard. I couldn’t get a clear picture of the trees. It was crazy. Luckily, the weather has settled down, and my connection is back to being mostly reliable. Dinner has been made, there are brownies in the oven, and there has been lots of knitting progress (hey, if I can’t blog, I might as well have something to blog about when I get back):

The astute (or… not) among you will notice that in the above photo, Argosy is draped across the Big Blue Book of Doom. The SAT’s are in freaking MARCH. I’ve been taking a lot of deep breaths and reviewing my Pre-Calculus notes. The following conversation happened in Barnes & Noble, when I was buying the damn thing:

Store Guy (who was giving me “the look” until he realized what book I was trying to buy): Aaah, the SAT’s. Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.
Me: Yeah, I guess so. Any advice for the test?
Store Guy: Relax, and don’t panic. The worst part is that it’s just a long test.
Me: People keep telling me that, but I’m panicking anyway.
Store Guy: Yeah, there’s really no way to avoid that.

Stupid Store Guy. Grumble, grumble. On the plus side, I’m almost done with Argosy! With a scarf like that, man, I’m bound to totally ace the SAT’s (for the non-US residents, the SAT’s are the tests you take when you’re a Junior/Senior in High School. How well you do on these tests can affect what colleges you get into, since they send your scores to all the colleges you apply to. It’s terribly nerve-wracking. Do you guys have tests like these in Canada? If not, when can I emigrate?). I love Noro, and I love this design. I’ll have to make the Argosy Shawl eventually.

Also, I started the second Jaywalker:

These socks will not be identical. I am trying not to let this bother me. They are for someone other than me, so hopefully that will help that twitch in my right eyebrow subside.

Ooooh, the timer just went off. Time to go get me some brownies!

PS. I am just a little bit terrified of the SAT prep book. I have this ridiculous notion that it is going to like, eat me in my sleep, or something. Someone please save me.


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  1. nagemstar said,

    No SAT’s in Canada. They just letcha into university depending on your GPA. If we want to apply to school in the States though we do have to take them. Good luck!

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