3 January, 2008

Of Curry and Chestnuts…

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Yeah, I bet you’re curious now, because of the post title. There’s actually an amusing story, and it goes something like this:

I was at Pegasus & Pendragon, my favourite local bookstore, buying a calender (don’t you judge me. It’s cheaper to buy a calender when it’s been the new year for a few days already), when I spotted a cookbook on Asian noodles. Now, I have an affinity for cooking, and the book was only $6, so I snatched it up, and promptly went to the grocery store to get some fresh ingredients for dinner that night. I managed to get everything on my list but the last item: water chestnuts. They carried them at Safeway but were all out, Lucky’s didn’t sell them, and Giovanni’s (a tiny local grocery store) didn’t have them, either. Defeated, I went home to sulk boil pasta, and finish the first Jaywalker:

(Sock not shown on foot because they are a gift to someone who has smaller feet than me. I only hope that they fit her, because the sizing is based on an inconspicuous glance at her shoe size.)

I achieved a sense of smug satisfaction upon seeing the adorable little stripes in the ribbing at the top of the leg:

Then, for reasons not blog-worthy, I had to run down to the drugstore to pick up a few items. This being a Long’s, they have a section devoted to various imperishable food products, so I decide to get a bag of potato chips for our D&D game tomorrow. What do I find?


I admit, there was a very un-ladylike moment where I clutched the can to my breast, held it aloft, and cackled madly. I think I now have some sort of file with the Long’s security people. I returned home victorious, made my curry noodles (they were delicious), and cast on a new project as a reward:

(The colours are much more muted in real life. Except for that stripe of acid green– that one’s right on.)

This not-so-clear picture is of the beginnings of my very own Argosy. The Noro Kureyon is really fun to work with, because it’s kind of springy, but fairly tightly-spun, so the stitches have a bit of a natural bias. The way they do the colour changes is really clever, too, I think. Great yarn. I may be going to Article Pract on Saturday, and I hear rumor they have some of the new Kureyon Sock yarn…

Also? Look what I finished:

And look how much yarn I had left:

Yeah. That was a really scary moment, there. Talk about extreme knitting. I think I’m going to go knit on my other scarf now.


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  1. I’ve gotten about that close on a project before. Lots and LOTS of prayers to the Yarn Gods gave me just enough to finish the Mitts I was making for Christmas!!

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