29 December, 2007

Fa La La La… What Day is it?

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Woah man, have I been in a fog this week. Literally, it’s foggy out here. Looking out my window, I can barely see across the street. I am hyper-sensitive to barometric pressure changes, so I have been walking around with such a headache for the past few days; just rain already, dangit!

Speaking of rain, Christmas was great! (hey, it’s the Bay Area. We don’t get “white Christmas”; we get “wet Christmas”) There was lots of good food (most of which was cooked by either me or my mother), great company, and, of course, hand-knit gifts. And you know what? I finished my Christmas knitting on time. Oh, yes!

Since Christmas is over, I can show you the “secret project”:

This was a Moss Stitch Beret for my aunt Chris (yes, that Chris. The one who guest-blogged whilst I was in Hawaii), in Cascade 220. I think it’s one of my favourite yarns now. It felts like a dream! Speaking of which:

I finished the Squatty Sidekick just in time! I don’t have any post-felting pictures, but I can get some at a later date. It still needs a button, but I wanted the recipient to pick it out. FO to come at a later date, I believe.

And last, but not least, the scarf:

This was for my friend Katya, who once upon a time tried to teach me to crochet, back when we were eight or so. I learned, but thought it was stupid, and taught myself to knit instead. The rest, they say, is history. This was a fun pattern! A great way to use up stash remnants, I may have to make another for myself, maybe this time using some of my own handspun.

And the last FO of the Christmas season:

Yup. Tiny socks for the Christmas tree. It probably took me, at most, an hour to knit this thing. It was so tiny and precious that it was all I could do to not knit a bazillion more of them.

Aaaaand… (I need to stop writing such long, picture-intensive entries) speaking of sock yarn: Look! Presents!

Ooooh, yeah. Look at all that fiber-y goodness. In the picture, from left to right, is: A quarter pound of some of the most delicious sea green roving which was a Secret Santa gift from my friend Aryn, who is also a spinner, and has excellent taste; two skeins of “Sock” from ShiBui Knits, in the colourway “Marine”; two skeins of Manos Del Uruguay, in the colourway “Canyon”, which is destined to (possibly) become a “My So-Called Scarf“; and a big fat skein of Lana Grossa “Meilenweit”, in a yummy, springy sort of colourway that I’ll just call “raspberry fudge ripple”. As you can see, it’s already attached to a toe-up Jaywalker:

Mmm, stripes…

Yeah, I think this entry is plenty long enough. Coming up this week: FO entries for all the Christmas gifts, swatching for Spring Shawl Surprise, Secret of the Stole II, and Dem Fischer Sin Fru. Yeah, I’m SO not keeping up with all those clues…



  1. Mae said,

    Picture heavy is awesome!
    I did not recieve any fibery goodness this Christmass, but I sure did knit a ton for others and buy myself a couple goodies once I finished with said gifts!!!

    Your JayWalkers are looking fabulous! I think I may just have the same yarn in my stash somewhere…

  2. Lots of fun projects – thanks for posting photos (fotos are fun!). Yay!

    Happy new year!

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