26 November, 2007

FO: Secret of the Stole

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I feel just oh so chic wearing this.

Pattern: Secret of the Stole (*********), by DK the Nautical Knitter
Yarn: JaggerSpun Superfine Merino, in the colourway Basil.
Needles: US 6 Susan Bates straights
Modifications: None. I knit the smallest size as dictated by the charts, and this still came out huge! I blocked it on my bed, and even with both points wrapped around the edges, I still could have blocked it out more!

See? It’s enormous!

(I can’t stop photographing this! It’s so pretty!)

This was such a fun, easy pattern that produced absolutely stellar results! The JaggerSpun was an absolute champ to knit with and to block. It is beautifully soft, drapes like a dream, and is deceptively warm to boot. Everything I look for in a lace yarn! The green did bleed a teensy weensy bit when I soaked it to block, though. Just enough to turn the water a very pale shade of mint green.

The best part about it? I still have at least 400 yards (maybe even 500!) of Superfine Merino to play around with! Who’s the next victim lucky contestant?

Thank you again DK, for such a fantastic pattern! I can’t wait for SOtS II!



  1. I just had to giggle with joy when I saw your photos. Your stole is beautiful! I love mine and could not stop photographing it either. I am so glad you liked the knit a long and am glad you signed up for the next one, too. Fair Winds, DK

  2. Oooo, yours is the first finished one I’ve seen – lovely, lovely job!! I have *got* to get back to mine, I have such fun knitting it…

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