25 November, 2007

Secret of the… Turkey?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:30 am by rynserenity

There’s been lots and lots o’ things happening here at Chez Knerdy. First, there’s knitting here; it’s just below all the food. Scroll down if you don’t care about the turkey.

All right. let’s start with a Thanksgiving dinner (the leftovers of such are currently my breakfast)  worthy of Eunny Jang herself:

A perfectly roasted turkey.

Mountains of cornbread, a la Alton Brown.

A glistening dish of jewel-like cranberry sauce (interesting fact: I love to make cranberry sauce. It’s my favourite thing to make during Thanksgiving, but in all reality, I hate cranberries).

And a veritable field of Brussels sprouts, liberally doused with olive oil and a little salt and pepper, roasted until the outer edges are golden brown an delicious, and the insides are crisp and just slightly caramelized.

Not pictured: The world’s best apple crisp, the entire plate of various cheeses, all the frantic relatives in the kitchen, and enough stuffing to stuff… well, me (I could eat an entire tray of stuffing. If no one was looking).

We’re going to be eating turkey for weeks.

Secondly, knitting progress! Lots of it! Behold, the Secret of the Stole, a secret no more:

I finished her last night whilst watching “Ocean’s 13” (because it is hilarious), and I am quite proud of both myself and how the Stole came out. Thank you DK, for making such an engaging pattern!

Right now the Stole looks like a crumpled mass o’ ugly, but she has an appointment with the sink and some welding wires later today, once I finish my Thanksgiving breakfast. FO to come soon!


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