19 November, 2007

Turkey Day: 2 Days and Counting…

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Yes, my dear knitters. It is indeed that time of the year (for the Americans, at least. The Canadians had theirs like, a month ago. Always so ahead of us, the Canadians). It’s Thanksgiving! I adore this particular holiday. It’s one of the few left that haven’t been commercialized. It has, however, been skipped over completely. The day after Hallowe’en, and I was seeing Christmas ads. I’m frightened. Very frightened.

This is going to be a “drive-by” posting, as I’m supposed to be studying for a Chemistry exam, and taking out the camera to photograph things is a wee bit suspicious. Here’s a quick update:

* I finished the foot of the second Cable Twist sock tonight at the Starbucks S’n’B I go to. I’ll probably turn the heel tomorrow, when we’re not doing jack shit in class.

* On Sunday, Clue 6 of Secret of the Stole was completed. I’m six rows into Clue 7. I’m almost sad that it’s almost over, and then I remembered the other three KAL’s I signed up for that start in January. God, this thing is going to be huge when blocked. I hope it fits on my bed.

* I’ve started to form a battle plan for Christmas knitting. It involves three yarn stores, my Ravelry queue, and most of Winter Break. Gods help us all.

Also, I was weak, and bought more sock yarn. The “de-stashing” board on Ravelry is a terrifying place. I bought two skeins of Lang Jawoll Jacquard in a very pretty sort of “forest leaves”-ish colourway. I’m thinking this yarn will be destined for a pair of Sidewinders, courtesy of the oh-so-talended Nona. I think vertically-striped socks will be fun. šŸ™‚

Back to the studying. You probably won’t hear from me until after the Turkey Day fiasco is over. Friday is my anniversary (two years with The Faery! Wow!), so probably Saturday. I’ll aim for Saturday. Happy Turkey Day to the Americans!


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