12 November, 2007

It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:55 pm by rynserenity

When I woke up on Saturday, it was cold, damp, and rainy. Thus, everything was trying to escape the wet. Look who I found on my window this morning:

Snail! Such a cute little arthropod.

Here in California, we are finally getting the dreary, foggy weather that I love so dearly. It means that winter it just around the corner, and (frighteningly enough) that also means Christmas knitting. And a lot of it. I have a list made up of all the patterns I want to do (luckily, most call for just one skein of reasonably-priced yarn), and I’ve been rushing to finish my other projects.

Speaking of which, look! A sock.

Yup, it’s the first finished Cable Twist sock. I love the way this pattern came out! It’s very stretchy, the foot is nice and snug, and the leg is loose, but not too loose, so it stays up. I used a new bind-off for this one (I think it’s called the Lace Bind-off), and it worked beautifully! I think I’ll be using it more often for projects that need a stretchy edge. Here’s a slightly better picture of the pattern stretched out:

Mmm, stretchy goodness…

I was starting to get serious Second Sock Syndrome, and I was only on the first sock, so I bound off after doing twelve repeats on the leg portion. Once I tried the sock on, however, I forgot my SSS, and immediately cast on for the second:

Next time, I think I will try doing two socks at once. That way, I’m less inclined to get SSS, and I might finish quicker.

What’s that, you say? Secret of the Stole? Yes, yes. I’ve been working on it. I had today off, so I sat down and tried to catch up somewhat on the clues. I finished Clue 5, and am 1/8th of the way through Clue 6. I’ll be sad when the KAL is over, yet relieved: trying to keep up with the clues can be nerve-wracking sometimes! I’m still totally digging this pattern, though. My one skein of JaggerSpun Superfine lasted me all that way to Clue 6! That’s much longer than I thought. Looks like there will be leftovers. Hmm… (plot plot scheme)

As a parting shot, I present to you: Louie, the world’s silliest Dachshund:

The end.



  1. What a cutie pie! Oh, and the socks are great too.

  2. AntChris said,

    Rynster, you so totally rock — at knitting, at blogging, at just existing! But I have to tell you, it’s Phylum Mollusca, not Arthropoda (the jointed ones). You might be thinking of Gastropoda which is the class — eat with your feet! (But take off those lovely socks first!)



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