1 November, 2007

I Fail at the Internet.

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:17 pm by rynserenity

When I first started this blog back in March (holy cow, March?!), I promised myself that I’d try to update at least twice or three times per week.

Yeah, I’ve so been failing at that lately. I haven’t been home very much over the past few days, and I’ve been so tired lately that I  just come home from school, do my homework, and go to sleep. Oh, yeah. And I eat, too. Sometimes.

Anywho! I have managed to knit a little on some of the projects. The Cable Twist Socks are progressing nicely, although the continue to look like a flattened, alien banana:

(the yellow background does nothing to help this mental image.)

I’m still loving this pattern! It’s great and mindless, so I can knit on it while we’re doing critiques, or we have a guest speaker, but it’s still pretty enough that I enjoy knitting it. I also love Lorna’s Laces, and how the hand-dying of the yarn makes it stripe really, really subtly. Pretty!

Here’s another look at the yummy, spongy texture:

Mmm. Delicious.

I’ve also finally caught up on Secret of the Stole! Hurrah! I finished Clue 3 on Sunday, and am most of the way through Clue 4. This clue is where you get the opportunity to lengthen or shorten your stole, so I figured I’d just see how much knitting I’d get done this week, then go from there. As it stands, my stole will be approximately 71″ long when blocked, which is plenty long for me!

Sorry, guys, but I don’t have pictures of SOtS just yet. I haven’t had the time to pin it out to show off the pretty, pretty pattern! My theory, however, is that the pattern has something to do with crown jewels or precious gems, since it seems to have some sort of aristocratic/noble theme. That what this newest clue looks like to me! Lul, the mastermind behind the upcoming Spring Shawl Surprise, has a great picture of it on her blog. Go check it out!

That’s all for now. Happy November to all, and a happy (somewhat belated) Samhein, too! I’m going to go eat some more Halloween candy now.


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