24 October, 2007

I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can!

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Yeesh! This week has been crazy. Not only is it midterms week, but I have also been a bit under the weather for the past few days. Nothing serious, just recovering from a bout of the stomach flu that I had on Friday/Saturday. On Sunday, I had the thought to snap a quick picture of the aftermath of the flu that was left in my living room:

The Yarn Harlot heals all.

Anywho, this post is about pictures, so let’s get started! How ’bout we kick things off with a little sock pr0n:

As you can see, I’ve made quite a bit of headway on the Cable Twist Socks. Even though they look totally retarded off of the foot, I assure you, they fit. The nice thing about ribbing is that it is extremely stretchy. Which is a very good thing.

Himalaya has progressed, too. When I was sick, I didn’t really have the focus for Secret of the Stole, so I worked on it a bunch:

It’s actually starting to look like something! See?

Let me see, I completed the third tier, and worked seven more rectangles, which makes a total of 41.5 rectangles done, which makes me, lemme see, approximately 35% complete. Yay!

There will be no pictures of SOtS. I have fallen a bit behind on Clue 3, and am ashamed. I go hang my head in knitterly shame now.


23 October, 2007

What the… it’s Tuesday?

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Yeah, the time totally got away from me. This has to be a short post, because I need to get out the door to get to class on time, but just thought I’d stop in and give a quick (picture-less) update:

I’ve gotten a bit behind on Secret of the Stole. Normally, I would have liked to have finished the newest clue today, but I made the mistake of bringing it to my local S&B last night– yeah, almost no knitting actually done yesterday. I’m about 3/4ths of the way through Clue 3, so I’m not doing too bad. I’m just impatient, I guess.

The Cable Twist Socks are moving right along. Critiques continued all through last week, and into this week, so that’s at least 2-3 solid hours of knitting time right there. I turned the heel on Thursday, and have completed about 1.5″ of leg. Yay, progress!

Himalaya has progressed, too. I finished the third tier, and am halfway through the fourth, I believe. I decided to not knit with the turquoise yarn, because I realized that it had a radically different gauge than the other yarns, it wasn’t as soft, and I didn’t have very much of it. Ah, well. C’est la vie.

Oh, shit! No time! Gotta run, guys. I’ll try to do a picture update tonight. Tah!

16 October, 2007

See, I’m Using Beads…

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Yes, my dears. The Knerdy Knitter is, despite being heaped with homework, studying for midterms, and having a cold, making progress! Hooray for her!

Last night, I was going to sit down and knit, but I got a bit… distracted:

(sorry for the blurries. I took this picture early in the morning, and couldn’t hold the camera steady enough.)

I was playing around with my beads, and here’s what came out of it. I rather like it (and it looks especially festive with the turquoise polo shirt I’m wearing). I’m glad to be getting back into beads again. I used to do a lot of beadwork back before knitting and spinning kind of took over my free time, and sometimes it’s nice to pay a visit back to it. I’ve been toying around with the idea of setting up my own Etsy shop; what do people think of that?

Anywho, onto knitting! Last night, I sat down and finished Clue 2 of SOtS:

(again, very blurry pictures. I’ll dry-block it and edit the photos soon, I promise.)

I’m really digging this pattern! It’s so much fun to watch the piece unfold. Since I’m working in green, the pattern looks really leafy or forest-y to me, but I totally see what people mean about the celestial theme. It’ll be interesting to see what the theme of this piece is. Right now, I have no idea. What I do know, however, is that I like how the motif on the left and right panels:

is starting to repeat itself in the middle of the stole:

By the way, JaggerSpun SuperFine is some of THE softest yarn I have ever worked with! I cannot wait to use this yarn again for another project. I’ve had my eye on the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Shawl from Elann.com for a while now…

Oh! Also, I finished the foot of the Cable Twist Socks:

Next stop: turning the heel! Since these are my “going out” projects, we’ll see how well that turns out. I personally think that short-row heels hold up better to being worked in segments than heel flaps do, but that’s just personal opinion…

And of course, as always, these socks look like a total mess when they’re not on the foot, but as soon as you put them on:

Bam! The magic happens.

I think that’s all for now. I’m going to go work on Himalaya some more. Until later, dear knitters!

13 October, 2007

My Camera’s Back!

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Yes. So, my parents got home on Thursday evening, and of course this is really the first chance I’ve been home for a long enough period of time to really sit down and compose an update. Yay for my camera being back! I missed it so…

Anyway! On to the more interesting things. Clue 2 for Secret of the Stole was released yesterday, and I’ve only worked about 12 rows of the thing, so I’ve got a long way to go. Here’s what my Stole looks like so far:

Yeah, that is so the worst blocking job ever. I promise you, the Stole looks much better in real life. Note to self: buy blocking wires.

For those who are interested, here’s a close-up of the middle of the Stole:

Man, mystery KAL’s are so much fun! I can’t wait for the next one to start. Now I really wish I could have joined Secret of Chrysopolis; that shawl looks SO pretty! Ah, well. I’ll just have to buy the pattern.

So, remember the rule I set for myself? Well, I’ve been following it. I haven’t knit anything else except for SOtS, so I’ll stay on top of the clues.

Okay, I lied. I cast on for socks:

These are only my “out of the house” project, so I don’t really think they count, right? That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

Anywho, these are the Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn that I was talking about earlier. I modified them a little to be worked over 64 stitches and worked them toe-up (because that’s how I like to do my socks, and I want to squeeze every precious inch out of my Lorna’s Laces). The pattern is super-simple to memorize, and it’s perfect commute/gaming knitting. I worked most of this sock during critiques in my Drawing & Illustration II class. Also, they look so much better on the foot:

Mmm, texture…

What am I forgetting… Oh, Himalaya! I worked on it a bunch earlier in the week, while I was waiting for Clue 2 of SOtS. Here’s the obligatory progress picture:

And a close-up:

(Interesting fact: While I was taking these pictures, I accidentally burned my hand on the flashbulb, because I forgot I had the flash turned on. Whoops!)

Yeah, I’m so trying to cram four days worth of pictures in one post. I’ll just leave you with another picture of the absolutely ridiculous huge-ass chart for SOtS:

Yeah, that is SO bugging my OCD…

10 October, 2007

Trudgin’ Along

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Sorry for the lame-o post title. I’m really not in a very good mood today, for reasons that are totally unknown to me (which, ironically enough, just makes my mood worse).

On another note, there will regretfully be no pictures in today’s post; my parents are on vacation, and they took the camera with me. They’ll be back on Thursday evening, so I’ll try to edit this post with pictures when I can.

Sunday was when my parents left, which left me with the whole house to myself. No inturruptions. No homework. No supervision.

Yeah, I got so much knitting done. It was fantastic. I finished Clue 1 of Secret of the Stole, and I am loving it! I can’t wait for the next clue to be released on Friday. Since there are eight clues, That makes me roughly 13% complete! Yay, progress!

I also worked some more on Himalaya, and started working the third tier, which is white. It looks fantastic! Kind of like a stained glass window, yet not quite. It’s going to be so warm when I’m finished! I completed seven more rectangles, making me about 25% complete. One-quarter of the way there, whoo!

As for the socks? Well, they’ll have to wait. Maybe I’ll cast on for them tonight…

6 October, 2007


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So, the first clue for Secret of the Stole was released tomorrow! Hooray! I was starting to get very impatient. The construction of the stole looks really interesting, we start by knitting two separate points, then join them together and work the remainder of the chart. I’ve never knit a piece like this before, so this was very exciting for me. Here’s how far I’ve gotten:

(for those in the KAL, I just finished Row 58 out of 83. I have 25 rows to go!)

And here’s a slight close-up of the pattern in the stole body:

Sorry, guys. This is the best you’re getting tonight. I do not have the mental capacity to put in a lifeline, take this thing off the needles (I’m using straights that are not quite long enough to stretch the whole thing out on), and dry-block it so you can get a better picture. When I finish Clue 1, I’ll do that, and try to post it tomorrow.

So, I set a rule for myself: I am not allowed to work on any of my other projects until I finish the current clue for Secret of the Stole. That way, I will actually finish this thing relatively on time (I’d actually like to wear this for the holidays, like the pattern suggests).

And then I was weak, and decided to order “reward yarn”. Look what came for me in the mail today:

Ooh, a mysterious pakage! I wonder what could be inside? Well, judging from the post title (you clever knitters, you), it simply must be:

Two delicious skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the colourway Mint, although I think it’s really closer to a seafoam, but I’m an artist, and we are notoriously colourblind. It even comes in a cute little drawstring bag; how charming. I even have a pattern in mind: the Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn. Mmm, texture…

And, to make things even more delicious, I got this yarn for such a steal: $14 for both skeins, shipping included! Squee!

How did I come across such an amazing deal, you ask? You see, our dear friend SequinK was in need of a knitterly “housecleaning” (read: de-stashing), and I was more than happy to take this off of her hands! Go check out her blog, and see if anything catches you eye; she’s got crazy-low prices, and you’ll be helping out a fellow knitter! Hurry though; everything is going fast!

Well, I’m off to work on Clue 1 some more. I want to work on Himalaya! That, or cast on for the Cable Twist Socks…

PS. Here’s how I keep my place while I’m working through the huge-ass chart of doom:

Yay, highlighters! Sometimes being a student comes in handy.

4 October, 2007

A Spot of Green

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Look! Yarn in its natural habitat!

(yeah, I’m trying to be more creative as to how I photograph things.)

What you see is two absolutely luscious skeins of Superfine Merino, by JaggerSpun, in the colourway Basil. I’m not sure how it looks on your computer, but the colour is about dead-on on my monitor. I am in love with this yarn! It’s deliciously soft, extra-squeezeable, and has very generous yardage (about 630 yards per skein).

What project is this for, you ask? Well, it’s for this:

Yup. That’s the swatch for Secret of the Stole. I figured that since, you know, the first clue is released tomorrow, it would be a really great time to finally buy the yarn. I decided to use US 6 needles for this project, because I like the density of the fabric that it creates, although I probably would have been fine with US 4’s.

Okay, fine. To be honest, I’ve pretty much spent all my yarn money for this month (I’ve also got another mysterious purchase, which is due to arrive any day now), and I really can’t justify spending any more on a new pair of needles, when I have a pair that will work just fine. We’ll see how things look once I start knitting up the first clue.

SOtS starts tomorrow! I am so excited!

PS. I’m also still working on Himalaya. I finished the second tier of rectangles, and just picked up the stitches for the third tier. As it stands, I am roughly 18% complete with the shawl. Yay!

2 October, 2007

Math in the Himalayas

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Urgh. I was a total zombie yesterday, so I zoned out on the couch yesterday and worked on a bunch on Himalaya. Then, I came home today and did a bunch more:

Entrelac is addicting.

Yeah, it looks totally funky and (dare I say it?) intestine-like, but if you spread the stitches out like so:

It starts to actually look like something. It’s really wrinkly and funky-looking now, but I am confident that a) the weight of the rest of the shawl and b) a good blocking will straighten things out and make them lay flatter. I also plan to steam-press all the seams where the blocks join (a la Grumperina), to make everything behave better.

Entrelac is such a fun technique! I think I was scared of it because the instructions always sounded confusing to me, but once I actually started knitting, it was a very intuitive thing. I also got a chance to practice left-handed knitting, AKA “knitting backwards”. I’m so glad I’m ambidexterous; it’s a total lifesaver for this technique! I would go batshit crazy if I had to turn my knitting around every time I needed to purl across the wrong-side rows. Plus, it just looks cool.

Alright, on to the math portion of this post. I like to know how much progress I’ve made on something, so I needed to do a little math. Himalaya starts with fifteen “base triangles”, then continues with rectangles, tapering until the piece becomes one lonely rectangle:

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8
1    2    3    4    5    6    7
1    2    3    4    5    6
1    2    3    4    5
1    2    3    4
1    2    3
1    2

(apologies for the huge-ass diagram; photoshop is being a bitch and won’t talk to me)

Now, I figure that two triangles roughly equal one rectangle in size, which means a bit of simple division:

2/15 = 7.5 base “rectangles”

Which is followed by a bit of simple (but long) addition:

15 + 14 + 13 + 12 + 11 + 10 + 9 + 8 + 7 + 7.5 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 117.5 rectangles total.

I’ve completed all fifteen triangles, and seven base rectangles:

7.5 + 7 = 14.5 rectangles finished

All that’s left is a bit of basic division:

14.5/117.5 = about 0.12
0.12 x 10 = 12% complete

Oy! I’ve got a long, long way to go. Luckily, I am still enchanted with this pattern/technique. Let’s hope it sees me through!

(sorry for such a long entry. This is what I do instead of what I’m supposed to be doing, which is my math homework.)

PS. Three days until Secret of the Stole starts! I’m so excited!