27 September, 2007

Knitters are Fickle…

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:22 pm by rynserenity

AKA “I Am Weak!” part 2.

I’m sitting in my studio, typing away on my laptop, trying to get all my DM’s notes together for our Dungeons and Dragons game tomorrow, and after a few hours, I just hit a wall. Splat, just like that. All of a sudden, my mind just disengages. Ugh. So, I take a break.

What’s that I hear? My stash calling to me? “Knit a winter-weight shawl”, you say? All right, I’ll take a look. Enter The Colours:

Would you look at that? You all go together so nicely! So bright and cheery, perfect for the winter months.

What’s that piece of paper that happened to fall out of a folder whilst I was rummaging through the stash? Enter The Pattern:

(Yes, I saved this to my own server. I know better than that, guys.)

Himalaya, how I love thee. I simply must have you:

You will feel so warm and cozy around my shoulders when I’m sitting in The Faery’s backyard, playing God to a bunch of knerdy nerdy teenagers (aka DM’ing for my D&D group).

Oh, yeah. I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing.


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