24 September, 2007

I Am Weak!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:46 pm by rynserenity

First of all, this is how I spent my weekend:

Yup. Painting my bathroom. Well, that and working my ass of on an English paper. Exciting, no? The colour in the picture does not do it justice; it’s this fantatically bright, “watered-down guacamole”-type colour. I love it, but it does not do wonders for my poor chemically-sensitive immune system. I’m starting to get really tired of sleeping in the living room.

In other news, I have not really worked on Sagittaria, despite my rush of affection for Muir earlier this week. I discovered a rather large mistake and had to tink back five rows consisting of hundreds of stitches. It is currently hibernating in its bag, thinking about what it’s done. I’ll probably pick it up again tonight, because, like the post’s title, I am indeed weak.

Remember that rule I’d set for myself: Thou shalt not have more than one lace project at a time? I totally just broke that rule.

I signed up for Secret of the Stole. Gods help me.


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