16 September, 2007

Cold and Grey

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The title reflects the beautiful fall day that I woke up to, and made me very, very happy. It’s knitting weather (I swear, I nearly typed “Gold and Crey”. Yay, spoonerisms!)!

Sorry for the no updates lately. I’ve been dealing with some health issues that I really don’t want to discuss at this time (mainly because I don’t know what I’m dealing with yet, and its’ severity), so there really hasn’t been any Time to Knit, partially because I have not had the Attention Span to Knit. I do have a funny story for you, however, and there is knitting progress in it! Read on:

A few days ago, as I sat down in my studio to start working on the i-cord for Folds of Function, I heard that little chime that Gmail makes to let you know you’ve got an e-mail. It was the new Knitty. Of course, I had to look. One quick peek isn’t going to derail me too much, is it?


Then I saw it. Muir. I had to have it. I had to knit it. But alas, I have a rule: I can only have one lace project on the needles at a time. My attention turned to Sagittaria. I had to finish it, because Muir must be mine. So, I sat down to work:

And finished the last repeat of Chart II, and one-third of Chart III. The lace is only patterned on one side now, so it is moving much, much more quickly than it was a few rows earlier.

(obligatory close-up shot. You can’t really see it yet, but there’s some of Chart III in there.)

If I really push and work through it, I may be able to finish Chart III, and maybe start Chart IV, by the end of the day. Then I can turn my attention to getting the yarn for Muir. Because it must be mine.

I-cord? What i-cord?


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  1. […] other news, I have not really worked on Sagittaria, despite my rush of affection for Muir earlier this week. I discovered a rather large mistake and had to tink back five rows consisting of […]

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