4 September, 2007


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Euuuurgh. I have been totally non-responsive for the past three days because I’ve been knocked out by this vicious bitch of a virus known as rhinovirus, or, more commonly, the Common Cold:

Luckily, the worst of it (at least, I think) decided to ravage my immune system during the weekend, so I didn’t miss any school; although, let me tell you, it is an interesting experience trying to comprehend anything said by your Summative Math teacher when you’re whacked out on Sudafed, Benadryl, and whatever the hell else I’ve been swallowing trying to make my head feel like it’s not trapped in a vice any more. The Faery has been very sympathetic, and came over yesterday to spend the day with me on the couch, watching movies and giggling at my drug-induced ramblings. 🙂

Since I’ve been somewhat unresponsive for the past four days or so, that means progress on Sagittaria has… stalled, somewhat. I’ve only done another half a repeat of Chart II, but the end of the crushingly repetative pattern is in sight! I can’t wait to get on to Chart III; I’m about halfway done!

(instert picture of Sagittaria looking like a crumpled mess o’ lace, as usual)

However, I do suffer from an inability to sit still, so the Folds of Function Purse has been making loads of progress:

(My OCD is so appeased by the neat little grid the slipped stitches and the turning ridge are making)

I’m about 90% done with the knitting, but only 80% done with the entire bag. I say that because I still have to seam it, knit the bajillion miles of i-cord (read 26″), and do the finishing embroidery. Sigh. It’s going to be so pretty, though! I’m already toying around with the idea of making a bigger version to hold other stuff in. It’s such a pretty bag…

Also, I already have my eye on another project! You guessed it, it’s another shawl. Well, sort of. I an dying to knit the Modern Quilt Wrap from Folk Style (especially since it’s a free pattern on Knitting Daily!). It looks so warm and cozy, and it’s the perfect opportunity to play around with colours! I’m going to have so much fun planning out the colour choices for this; there are nine colours given in the pattern! This would be a good stash-buster if a) There was a lot of yarn in my stash that was the correct weight and b) I had a bigger stash. Maybe I could pester the Faery; our anniversary is coming up… (evil cackle)

I think that’s it for now. I’m going to take some more Sudafed and crawl back under the covers. Urgh.


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  1. Tabi said,

    That bag certainly is looking cute! It’ll be so awesome when it’s finished.
    Hope you get over the cold soon! Looks like it is really making its way around early this year.

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