30 August, 2007


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So, school is officially back in season. I got my schedule today (which I’m actually pretty happy with!), classes actually started, and I even have homework! I’ll rant about that over on my LiveJournal, though. This is for the knitting.

Yeah, I’m still finding time to knit. School used to get out at 5:30, but we get out at 4:00 now; yay for a whole extra hour and a half of potential knitting time! Anyway, I decided that since I won’t be able to get to my LYS until Saturday, I should start a new project! This one’s semi-portable, so I can take it on BART with me, and it’s nice and mindless; just plain stockinette for most of it. I’m knitting the Folds of Function Pocket Pouch from Folk Bags: 30 Knitting Patterns From Around the World by Viki Square:

I love, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE this pattern! It’s so simple and elegant, yet casual, too. The shaping is also really ingenious. What I’m NOT looking forward to, however, is the 26″ of i-cord that I have to knit for the drawstring. Have I mentioned that I do not enjoy knitting i-cord? Ugh. It’s so worth it, though. I love this bag. Here’s how far I’ve come:

Sadly, I didn’t have any orange and yellow yarn in my stash, or else I would have totally knitted it in the given colours. The base colour is really more of a blue-grey then the photo shows it to be, sadly. My chosen contrast colour is a nice dark blue (also with a little grey in it) that reminds me of a sapphire if it was, y’know, an opaque colour.

As for Sagittaria? I did another repeat of Chart II, bringing the total up to five of seven. Thank god I’m almost done with this section; it’s starting to get really boring, and the rows are at the “Oh, my god, I’m going to kill someone if these bloody stitches multiply any more” stage. Sigh. Insert a picture of it looking slightly bigger, but pretty much the exact same as it did in my last post.

That’s all for tonight. I have homework to do. I’ll be back on Saturday, hopefully with more yarn, and maybe even another FO!


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  1. Mae said,

    I’m knitting iCord for a bag handle as we speak… I hate iCord… I don’t think anyone likes iCord!!!! GHA!!

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