21 August, 2007

Wow, I So Fail at Blogging…

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[ETA: I was a total dumbass, and just found the camera. Post edited to add pictures.]

“Where the hell has she been?” you’re probably all wondering. Well, the truth is… I’ve kinda fallen off of the internet for the last five or six days. In the past week, I:

*Met up with a childhood friend whom I haven’t seen in almost a year.
*Drunk more coffee than I usually do in a month.
*Played more Dungeons & Dragons that is probably healthy.
*Went to see “The Wizard of Oz” with said childhood friend.
*Saw “Stardust” (which ROCKS) with different friends.

See? There’s been knitting going on! The Pool Socks:

On Friday, I turned the heel, and knit a decent portion of the leg (It’s amazing how much knitting can be done when you’re sitting around pretending to be a druid with your friends), and on Sunday evening, I started knitting the ribbed portion of the leg, which means two more inches to go, and I’ve finished my first pair of socks! Exciting in only the way knitting can be! I’ve really enjoyed working on these, but I’m ready for a challenge! For my next socks, I think I’m going to knit either Monkey or Vinnland.


Sadly, the Saggitaria Shawl had to be frogged, because I got cocky and used neither lifelines nor stitch markers, made a mistake I couldn’t figure out, and gave up.

But what’s this? you all say. There’s a shawl here! That’s because I re-cast on for her last night, this time using stitch markers cut from a drinking straw (that’s what those little pink things are), and made it through the first repeat (out of seven) of Chart II. I think she’ll go a bit more smoothly this time…

This is a non-knitting project, but it still falls under the designation of “knerdy”, so it gets talked about. Remember these?

Lately, I made a pair of earrings out of 20-sided dice for a friend of mine’s birthday. She wore them to our local gaming store, and they went CRAZY for them! She talked me up to them, or something, because now they want me to make some samples up and bring them into the store! If this works out, I will be majorly happy; yay for more yarn money disposable income!

I think that’s it for now, guys. See you all later, and happy knitting!


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