14 August, 2007

The Gears are Turning…

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Remember in my last post, how I said I thought I would take a break from lace and knit something sweater-y?

Yeah, I so totally lied.

I’ve been swatching for an idea of a lace project that’s been floating around in my head for a while: I want to design some kind of a shawl. The thing is, I’m not sure what kind I want to do yet, so I thought I’d play around with some different stitch patterns to see what I liked. The first one was called “miniature leaves”:

Fairly basic diamond-y type shape, stockinette-based, patterned only on one side. This pattern would be nice as a kind of “filler stitch”, like for the center of a square shawl.

The second swatch is for an edging from a shawl called “Tessa’s Shawl“:

This was garter stitch-based, and “true lace”, meaning it was patterned on both the right- and wrong-side rows.This was my first time doing lace of that sort, so that was interesting. I finally learned how to make purlwise yarnovers work! Woo hoo!

I wasn’t so crazy about how this knit up, so I moved onto the next pattern, which was just called “spider”:

For some reason, the rightmost spiderweb looks kinda wonky, kinda like that study where they gave spiders drugs, eh? I’m not sure if it’s a knitting error or an instruction error, so I may go back and knit more of this one. I’m thinking this may be a good border stitch for either a circular or triangular shawl.

The last pattern I swatched for last night was called “chain”. I only knit one repeat (like I’ve been doing for the others), but I couldn’t really get a good idea of the stitch pattern:

So I knit an additional repeat:

Oh. Chain. I think this one is my favourite out of the patterns I swatched, probably because it reminds me of celtic knotwork, which is a style I’ve explored a bit in my artwork. I think I’ll use this for a border in a square shawl, if and when I design one. For now, I decided I wanted to look at other designs, and learn a bit more about various methods of shawl construction.

Yeah, that’s my cop-out way of saying “I totally cast on for a new project”. I started the Sagittaria Shawl, which is GORGEOUS, and have completed one out of seven repeats of Chart 2. This part of the shawl is somewhat mindless, but still requires me to focus a bit on the chart, which is just the kind of thing my fingers are itching for!

Don’t worry, guys. The socks are still plugging along. Unfortunately, I don’t have a current picture of the second sock, so I’ll recycle a picture of the first one to give you an idea of how much I’ve knit:

I’m a little bit further than this, maybe an inch or so, and I’m about 1.5″ away from turning the heel! Thank goodness; I’m starting to get serious Second Sock Syndrome on these! >.<

More tomorrow, I hope. Cheers!



  1. Mae said,

    I love lace. Chain is also my favorite on this page, maybe I’m just biased because I’ve knit it before… haha.
    I love your pool socks! Gah! Tell me what yarn you’ve used so I can go add to my stash! ha.

  2. Anna said,

    I like the chain swatch also. I’m new to lace and knitting my first shawl. Where did you find the pattern for Chain?

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