5 August, 2007

My Preciousss…

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Haha! The new Interweave Knits! I have it! Hahahaha! Look, here’s proof!

Victory! (insert more cackling here) Ooh, the patterns are so yummy! I can’t wait to cast on!

Anyway, to get to the main point of today: the yarn crawl! Some other Ravelers and I met up at the Urban Knitting studio:

My apologies to everyone; I can’t remember all your names! But it was still great. We hung around and waited for people to show up:

In the finished project vein, Sarah was wearing her beautiful finished Arietta Cardigan:

It looks amazing on her! I still really want to knit this pattern; I love mosaic knitting…

After the Urban Knitting Studio, it was a quick Muni ride over to…

Ta-dah! ArtFibres, the mecca of San Fransisco yarn stores! First, we were all hungry, so we went to get lunch:

Then went on in. ArtFibres is AMAZING. I would live there if I could. The owner is super-nice, the selection is great, and they recently lowered their prices slightly, because they sell things on cones instead of in balls. I bought a bag of the softest roving, called Miso:

I was clutching the bag to my chest and giggling maniacally (hey, it was either this or Sari Silk. Either way, both are good choices). It’s this beautiful creamy sort of caramel-y colour, and its’ got just a wee bit of a shine to it, because it’s got a %15 soy content. Wow! It spins like a dream, too:

I have a tendency to over-spin my singles, since I’m still a beginner, but this yarn stays so incredibly soft! I think it wants to be spun a wee bit thicker, to retain the fluffy quality of the roving. Mmm, spinning…

In ArtFibres, Jen was trying to figure out how much yardage she needed, so Kiwi pulled out:

Her iPhone! There was an instant crowd around her:

After ArtFibres, we decided to bypass ImagiKnits, which closed in like, twenty minutes, and head straight to NoeKnits:

The NoeKnits staff were amazingly nice, and the store was well-lit, with comfortable chairs and a good stock. Not a lot of sock yarns, but lots and lots of Noro! Also, a good Manos del Uruguay selection. Mmm, Manos… NoeKnits were also the ones who had the new Interweave Knits! We were all majorly excited. I think pretty much all of us bought a copy.

Today was such great fun! Great yarn, great company, great knitting. I started the toe for the second Pool Sock. Hopefully, the second sock will go quicker than the first! I have such Second Sock Syndrome already… le sigh.

More tomorrow, including spinning! Hoorah for new roving!



  1. Mae said,

    I wish I had multiple yarn stores to yarn crawl at… and more than one knitting friend… who is my mom… who lives 8 hours away… HAHA.
    Looks like you had an AWESOME time. And I am 100% jealous. I need to pick up the Fall IK when I get back home!!! EEEEEE!!! IS it as luscious as it looks on the internet?!

  2. Sarah said,

    Glad you had such a good time! Thanks for the compliments on the cardigan, just FYI it’s Arietta (but I do want to knit Kauni! :)).

  3. Laiane said,

    It’s nice knowing that there is another person who has the same reaction to yarn — fits of maniacal laughter. I’m a Malabrigo addict, which I think is similar to Manos del Uruguay. When I picked up some on sale recently, I swear I was clutching it to my bosom and crooning to it (and alternately cackling gleefully) as I went up to the cash register… Luscious stuff.

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