4 August, 2007

V isn’t for Vendetta…

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:01 pm by rynserenity

… it’s for “victory”! Behold, my first sock, in all its foot-hugging glory!

(apologies for the blurries. It’s a bit dark, and my flash is on the fritz).

I am so pleased with how this came out! The sock fits me perfectly, and it’s very comfortable. The yarn was a dream to work with, except right at the end, when the picot bind-off was a bit of a pain in the ass. It looks adorable, though:

And here’s a picture of the whole sock:

The leg is a bit shorter than initially anticipated, though, but I decided that I liked these as almost-anklets. The amount of ribbing was just right, which was good; I was worried that it might be a bit too much.

Hooray, my sock! I danced around the house with the sock on, giggling maniacally, and weirding out my parents. You know what I need to do now? Cast on for the next one. Mwahaha.

Tomorrow: Ye Olde Great Yarn Crawl! Pictures! Bloggers! Yarn! Exclamation points!


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