1 August, 2007

(Insert Maniacal Laughter Here)

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:07 pm by rynserenity

I was browsing the LYS thread on the Bay Area Knitters forum the other day, and to my surprise, I found a post about a new LYS called K2Tog that had just opened up! I thought I had known about most of the stores around me that sold yarn and yarn accessories, so when I had some errands to run around that area of town, I jumped at the chance to go check it out!

K2Tog is in a great area of town, right next to a children’s toy store and a yoga studio (Only in the Bay Area…), in a tiny little store that used to sell musical instruments, I belive. The building is well-lit and very open, much larger than it initially looks. The selection isn’t huge (probably because they’re just getting off the ground), but they have one of the biggest selections of Cascade 220 I’ve seen in a while! So many colours! The book selection is also a little slim, but their prices on everything are really good, and they even have a sale bin (empty when I got there, sadly)!

One of my favourite things was how they displayed their notions: in those big glass jars you’d see in candy stores. It was so cute! The notion selection was excellent, too: pom-pom makers, safety pins, blocking wires, cable needles, and even calculators! They also had free dog biscuits for your favourite pooch (which struck me as amusing, because there happens to be a cat that lives in the store. Her name is Bastet, and she’s a sweetie).

The other thing I really liked was the fact that they had a “swatch bar”, where you could sit down, take your pick of needle sizes and styles, and knit a swatch out of any of the yarns they had sitting out. Your swatch is then displayed next to the stock of your chosen yarn. A very cool way of involving the customers in the store!

In short, I will definitely be visiting K2Tog again. Friendly staff, good prices, a really sweet cat, and comfortable chairs? I’m sold! I can’t wait to see what the owner(s) have in store for the knitting community!

Oh, did I mention that they’re also a certified Green Business? Just makes it all the better, in my book.

PS. Yes, I’ve been knitting. I had a doctor’s appointment today, so I knit on the Pool Socks a bit (unfortunately, I didn’t have to wait very long to see the doctor), and now I’m going to go off and work on the Snowdrop for a little while. More later!


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  1. Mae said,

    That shop does sound very cute, but while the immediate joy of having a cat in the shop is simply lovely. I can’t help but worry about shedding… dust… bugs… and on top fo everything else, if people have allergies!

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