29 July, 2007

Project Update

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Instead of “Project Runway”, I guess?

Anyway, I promised WIP updates, and WIP updates I shall give. This would have been up yesterday, but I had a chiropractor’s appointment, and then I got a phone call saying, “Hey, Ryn! We need you to make a 5th level character for D&D today!” and well… there went all my time…

But back to the knitting.

A lot of progress has been made since you last saw these well-loved projects, dear knitters. For example, look at Ms. Lovely, the Snowdrop:

Now that’s progress, eh? I’m not entirely sure how well you can see, but this picture shows the border of the shawl at over 3/4ths of the way complete! The border pattern was very easy to memorize; I didn’t need to look at the chart at all after the first few repeats. Turning the point of the shawl was such a breeze, and I love how the triangles in the border line up with the triangles in the shawl body:

Beautiful, eh? So lovely and OCD-appeasing. (happy sigh)

I’m in a bellydance show called Cafe Belly in two weeks, and I’m hoping to have the Snowdrop finished in time so I can wear it in the show. I’m thinking of temporarily sewing little crystal dangles to each of the shawl points once it’s blocked to make it sparkle and show up better on stage. What do you guys think? I do love me some sparklies…

Ah, but let us not forget the Pool Socks, no? These guys had the honor of not only being my first pair of socks, but also serving as the Traveling Sock for this vacation. Look at how much they’ve grown:

Since you last saw them, I’ve turned the heel, and gotten more than halfway into the leg portion:

I decided to knit half the leg measurement in plain stockinette, then switch to k1, p1 rib for the remaining leg portion (I like to cuff my socks, and this produces a reversable cuff portion). I plan to finish it off with a simple picot bind-off. Cute and feminine, eh? These’ll be the perfect thing to wear on the first day of school (I go to art school, remember? People really dig the “homemade clothing” thing). Mwahaha.

Alas, the Boulder Belt has not faired so well. The hemp yarn really hurts my hands, as well as the wooden needles I bought so I could knit on the plane. They are currently hibernating in my WIP basket. I may try washing the yarn to soften up the hemp, and then cast on again. Hopefully, that may make knitting easier. Any other suggestions?

That’s all for now! Tune in next time for more knitting excitement, same knerdy time, same knerdy place!


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