26 July, 2007

Travel Report: Hawaii

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Hoorah for being more awake (well… kinda. I had serious insomnia last night)! Also, hurrah for being able to have Peet’s coffee again. Oh, Lady Caffine, I’ve missed you…

Anywho, I’ve been uber-busy today, between running various errands, unpacking, and finally getting the newest Harry Potter book (yes!), this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write a travel report. And so, I present to you “The Knerdy Knitter (and her steadfast familiar, the Traveling Sock) Goes to Hawaii!”

The Sock enjoys the view from our condo on Maui, where we stayed for the first week. Maui was great, because it was warm, but not extremely hot (… most of the time). There was a beach right in front of the building, too, which was fantastic because we all love to body surf!

The Sock hikes up to see the Iao needle (which I kept calling the “Iao space needle”. The Sock was not amused. I am such a dork sometimes), where it was more of a tourist than I was. I refused to let my parents take a picture of me and The Faery in front of the Needle, but I’ll happily preform camera acrobatics to get The Sock into the shot. Oy.

Not a Sock picture, but too pretty not to share! We went to the Maui Tropical Plantation, and since it was Eye Candy Friday, I thought it appropriate to post. This is a subspecies of Bird of Paradise, or Strelitzia reginae, for those who like Latin names of things. These things grow EVERYWHERE here. I find it amusing that this particular plant is, in fact, not native to the state of Hawaii…

After the plantation is was off to Waimea Bay, which is, in my opinion, one of the best beaches on Maui:

Lots of smooth white sand, great waves, and tide pools, too (although you can’t see them in the picture, they’re there. And they’re huge)! The sock also had a great time:

More in the second post, because WordPress isn’t letting me type all of what I wrote here. Continue on!


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