26 July, 2007

Travel Report: Hawaii (Part 2)

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Anywho, as I was saying, the next thing was the Aquarium, where I met one of the highlights of my vacation:

Octo-ma-pus! I don’t remember the particular species of this fine cephalopod, but he was very adorable, and one of the most social octopods I’ve ever seen. Very cute! Reminds me of Jaques Cousteau, my own stuffed cephalopod.

We also saw some very cool (and hypnotizing) jellyfish:

The light in their tank was set to gradually shift colours, which produced a beautiful, ambient sort of effect. Absolutely stunning. Consider this your second missed Eye Candy Friday (I’ll have more pics tomorrow! Mwahaha).

We also did the drive to Hana, because we are tourists at times. The Sock saw a great waterfall:

It was very upset that it was blurred. I say, “suck it up, Sock.” Nyeh.

We actually made it to Hana this time! Last time were were here, the roads were flooded, and we had to turn back. Hana is… well, small comes to mind. It’s nice, though. After an ice cream pick-me-up, The Sock went to the famous black sand beach:

It was really warm out, and the lava rocks had absorbed a bunch of the sunlight, giving this kind of “hot rock massage” effect on my bare feet and back (yeah, I lay down on it. It was so warm…). There was a cool little cave that you could crawl through an explore, too, which The Faery loved.

Unfortunately, I only have one Sock picture from Oahu, and the second half of our vacation, but it’s a pretty cool shot:

(Once again, The Sock is pissed that it is not the focal point of the photograph. I blame my camera’s auto-focus. It’s too hard to manually focus and pose with a sock at the same time.) This is a view of Honolulu and Diamond Head from the top of this long, windy mountain road we took to get to the other side of the island. Very pretty, lots of humidity. It rained a BUNCH while we were there, too, which I loved. Just like home, except y’know… warm.

Two other highlights from Oahu are seeing sea turtles come up out of the water:

And seeing the biggest lily pads EVER:

Seriously. These things are MASSIVE. the flower should give you an idea of their scale.

I think that’s it for my trip to Hawaii! It was fun, but I’m glad to be back here in California with the fog (I can barely see out my window, and I am loving it!). Now that the bulk of my summer travel is over, I’m hoping that I can get into a somewhat regular update schedule again. More tomorrow on my current works-in-progress! I’m going to go read the new Harry Potter book.

PS. I mentioned yesterday that I finally got my Ravelry invite. Well, I’ve had a chance to play around on the site, and I am totally hooked! The site is such a great idea, and the people on it are really friendly. It’s great fun to see another knitter’s take on your favourite projects. Which reminds me, I should go look through the stash for yarn to make another Calorimetry, this time for myself…


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