25 July, 2007


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Hello, everyone! The Knerdy Knitter is back from her vacation! Did you guys miss me? I missed reading all of your blogs. I have so much to catch up on! Not to mention the mountain of e-mail I have to read and respond to, and all the other domestic things one needs to do when you’ve been on vacation for two weeks. I can’t remember if I said already, but I was in the beautiful state of Hawaii for two weeks, first Maui, then Oahu.

Before I forget, a big “Mahalo!” to AntChris, who provided guest-blogs while I was away. I asked her extremely last minute to guest-blog, and she did a wonderful job! I had a lot of fun reading what she had to say on the fibre arts. Also, my spinning isn’t as good as she says it is, but I definately think it’s usable. I’m looking at Nereides from the latest MagKnits to knit with it, but I’m not sure if I spun quite enough for it. Maybe some pattern modification is in order…

I’m still extremely jet-lagged (My first flight flew out of Hawaii at 12:30, and I arrived at home after midnight), and my camera’s memory card is completely full, so no pictures of current projects. Sorry, guys! A full travel report later, but here are some highlights:

-Went to the Maui Aquarium and saw the most adorable octopus ever.
-Ate fresh, hot malasadas (which are these Portuguese donut-type thingies) from Leonard’s bakery.
-Was shocked to discover that apparently, knitting is not as popular in Hawaii as it is in California, as evidenced by a frightening lack of yarn shops.
-Came within ten feet of three (yes, three) green sea turtles.
-Knit on the beach.
-Turned the heel of my first sock (the first Pool Sock is almost complete!).
-Ate approximately my own body weight in fresh pineapple.

More later, guys! Right now, I have some errands to run. Hopefully, my pictures will be uploaded, and I can give a travel report, complete with Traveling Sock pictues, a la Ms. Harlot. Until later!

PS. I just got my Ravelry invite! It’s a great site. I’m having fun exploring it, and looking at all the different projects on there. Who else is on Ravelry? Give a shout out so I can add you to my Friends list!


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  1. Laiane said,

    OOooo.. Green with jealousy. Not over the beaches or the sock knitting or the fresh pineapple, but over your Ravelry invite! I anticipate that mine is about 3-4 weeks away.

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