9 July, 2007

Cancer Birthday!

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Today, this the 9th of July, my darling boyfriend celebrated his 17th birthday:

(that’s right, ladies. See the ring on his finger? He’s MINE.) Anywho, since it’s his 17th birthday, here are seventeen reasons why The Faery is a great boyfriend, and therefore blog-worthy:

1. Because of the fact that he rarely wears sweaters/scarves/hats/etc, he forces me to knit him new an creative things, thus stretching my knitterly imagination.
2. He will happily go to the yarn store with me, just because it makes me happy, and he likes to see me smile.
3. He is the only straight man I know who knows all the words to all the songs in “Rent”.
4. Evilest. Dungeon Master. EVER.
5. Even though he admits he’s not the greatest dancer, he’ll dance with me anyway, because he knows I love to dance.
6. He is an endless supply of energy, and never ceases to entertain me (or annoy me, depending on how much sleep I’ve gotten).
7.  He likes romantic comedies as much as I do, and will happily see them with me.
8. He can kick my ass in chess any day of the week
9. He once asked several random strangers if they thought I was pretty, just to prove to me that he wasn’t “just biased because I’m your boyfriend.”
10. He writes really beautiful poetry
11. Some of that poetry is for me
12. Unlike most teenage boys, he does NOT have only one thing on his mind.
13. He loves walking in the rain with me
14. The Faery apparently has no shame, because there are many, many pictures on my hard drive that I won’t share with you, to spare him some dignity.
15. He cross-dressed very well.
16. He looks absolutely adorable in the morning, bed-head and all.
17. He loves and cares for me very deeply, and would do almost anything to ensure my happiness.

Happy birthday, darling. Here’s to many, many more wonderful birthdays, and the hopes that I get to share them with you.

Love, Ryn

PS. To all the other people who read the blog, this is what the chocolate leaves were for:

(let me tell you, I was so frustrated that The Faery was turning a prime number this year…)


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  1. Silver Ilix said,

    Sweet! Keep him!

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