8 July, 2007

Don’t Rain on my Parade

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Or rather, “don’t shine on my parade”, I guess. Today was, as it often is in the Bay Area, foggy and cold. And I loved every minute of it. I love the cold, “dreary” weather. I think it’s great. I love to be out in it, and I love to curl up inside with my knitting and/or a movie, too. So, I enjoyed myself thoroughly today. Here’s how I spent my afternoon:

Yup. Makin’ chocolate leaves. It’s The Faery’s birthday tomorrow, and they’re for his birthday cake (he doesn’t read the blog, luckily. The cake’s a surprise). It was fun, and surprisingly easy. I’d totally make them again for a dessert! Trying to get the baking sheet into the refrigerator was an interesting exercise in creativity…

Once the leaves were safely in the refrigerator, I sat down to knit on the Snowdrop Shawl (of course I washed my hands first! What am I, crazy?). I’m very pleased with how the border’s coming along:

The border pattern is really simple and easy to memorize. I’ve learned how to “read” the pattern, and I can see how one row builds on top of another. It’s fun. I think it’ll go by fairly quickly.

I haven’t said much about it on the blog, but my family and I are planning a trip to Hawaii, and we’re leaving on Tuesday, so as I was knitting, I was thinking about what projects I would bring along. “Hmm, shawls are good travel knitting. I could knit this on the plane, and still be engaged enough to talk to my parents and The Faery (he’s coming, too! Yay!), and I’ll have lots of time…” Then I remembered. The shawl’s on metal needles. They won’t let me bring it on the plane. Damn. Enter The New Project:

No, it’s not another sock. It’s the Boulder Belt, from Knitty. I’m knitting it for The Faery’s birthday. Yeah, I know. His birthday’s tomorrow. I’m never going to finish it in time. There was a mix-up as to what exactly I was getting him for his birthday, and this was kind of a last-minute purchase. The yarn is Allhemp3, by Lanaknits, in this beautiful kind of grey/sage/blue kind of colour. It almost shifts and changes in different light. Kind of like The Faery’s eyes, I suppose…

Anywho, the astute among you will notice something… off about the beginning of the project. Yeah, remember that whole “join, being careful not to twist” thing? Whoops. I twisted. So, I must frog and re-cast on. Luckily, I was only three rows into the damn thing when I noticed the mistake. I may just cast on again tomorrow, though. The hemp yarn and the teeny-tiny US 0’s hurt my hands a wee bit. I think I’ll go take a knitting break and go read the Harlot’s new book (yes, I finally got my hands on a copy of it, as well as the newest Interweave Knits. I must knit a few of those patterns! They will be mine!) Lastly, here’s a picture that would make the Harlot herself proud:

All three of my current WIP’s (Snowdrop Shawl, Pool Socks, and Boulder Belt) together in the chair that sits at my art desk in my studio area. Sort of inspiring, ain’t it?


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