26 June, 2007

Life Go ‘Splody!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:46 pm by rynserenity

Woah, where did all my knitting time go? Between being sick (and not being able to knit because I pretty much did nothing but sleep and watch bad daytime television), going to the County Fair with la familia, and preparing to take my driver’s license test (which is in TWO DAYS. Yikes!), I’ve barely had time to knit. I finally got to sneak in a little knitting time today (after I woke up from a long nap and drove The Faery to the BART station) on the Pool Socks:

Yeah, recycling pictures from yesterday’s post. The Pool Socks look pretty much the same as they did yesterday, only they’re 1/2″ longer. I’m still having fun with this yarn. Every now and then, there’ll be this little random 4-stitch stripe of really dark blue/grey that I have become totally fascinated with. It’ll just come at random, and then I make this little happy purr/yelp type noise which The Faery finds really, really amusing. >.<

So, I’m looking at these socks and thinking about the cuffs. I’m thinking just a little bit of 1×1 ribbing (maybe 1/4″ or so?) with a cute little picot bind-off. I am totally enchanted by those. They are just so adorable and feminine!

I think I’ll go knit on these guys some more. So close to turning the heel! Only a few more inches to go!

PS. Don’t worry about the Snowdrop, guys. She’s still coming along, but very slowly. I’ve done maybe two more rows on her. I feel guilty about that, because I only have, at most, five more rows to do before that gods-awful long i-cord bind off. But… socks! Pretty turquoise socks! *le sigh* I am too easily distracted… look, a bunny!


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