24 June, 2007

Catatonic in California

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:39 pm by rynserenity

…instead of Sleepless in Seattle, I guess? Urgh. I was hit hard over the head by the Muse last night, and ended up pulling an almost all-nighter of creative frenzy before falling asleep on the floor of my studio at about 2:00 in the morning. This is what my desk currently looks like:

Let’s see, from left to right, you can see: a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet, a notebook with hastily scribbled sketches and notes, my actual sketchbook, my spindle, assorted art supplies, T-pins, and my sock, which was neglected as I scribbled and inked and coloured into the night. It was good fun, but I remembered why I don’t like to stay up late.

Today, I was going to go to the Pride Parade in San Fransisco, but I was dead tired (and still a wee bit sick), and– as fabulous as it would have been to go– I had other thing I was to do today. I just got back from a Summer Solstice ritua, which was also great fun. I saw lots of people I haven’t seen since… well, since the Winter Solstice. There was gorgeous weather, great company, yummy vegan ginger cookies, and:

Really, really blurry photos of socks. I knit on this baby a whole lot today: while I was at the BART station, waiting for the Faery to meet me at the BART station, hanging around at the household where the ritual was held. I only have another 4.5″ to go until I turn the heel on the Pool Socks. I am very excited! That means I’m nearly halfway there! I’m already thinking about my next pair (after I finish this one’s mate, of course). Maybe some Widdershins? Hmm, must plot and scheme… And stalk the sock yarns at my LYS. See what’s on sale, yes… must think of travel knitting for an upcoming trip…

More later. Must scheme.


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