20 June, 2007

FO: Ziggy

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:56 pm by rynserenity

Finally! It’s done!

Doesn’t it look great on my mom?

Pattern: Ziggy from Magknits February 2006.
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca’s  Melange, 3 skeins
Needles: Susan Bates US6 straights
Modifications: None. Just worked it with a slightly thicker yarn.

This pattern blocked like a champ! Look how much it stretched out:

More tomorrow. I have exciting things to show you! (Hint: I’ve been spinning). I’ll leave you with the mandatory “F.O. in the window” shot:


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  1. AntChris said,

    Ziggy and the Shifting Sands are both stunning! And no, they didn’t open for Weird Al, though it sure sounds like it (kind of a Bowie/Vegas nexus).

    But your mom — she’s on the net! She let you do that? With a picture in which she is not wearing a bag over her head??? (The Unknown Mother.) Your aunt, who I will remind you grew up sharing a bedroom with her, just fell right out of her chair and onto the floor from the shock. (Okay, I mean, to the extent that I actually grew up at all…)

    Fabulous work, Ryn. You so totally rock…

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