17 June, 2007

White and Knerdy

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:06 pm by rynserenity

Man, that song describes me to a T. It’s kind of frightening. Lyrics here, if anyone’s curious.

Anywho, apologies for the lack of posting action. I was out of town this weekend. Wanna know what I was doing?

Yes, that’s right. Weird Al himself. In concert. It was AMAZING. It also went very, very late into the night, so obviously, I had very, very little time to knit this weekend. Well, that, and I *gasp* forgot to pack any knitting. I did knit when I got back today, though (after I went to a friend’s commencment and had a nap). Guess who’s back?

The Snowdrop. Oh, yes. Lemme tell you, I was really happy to be working on this project again. I’d really missed the hundreds upon hundreds of teeny, tiny little stitches, and the cool, smooth metal of my beloved Addi Turbos (wish they were the new lace ones, but I only have enough money for one new pair needles, and I need smaller DPN’s for my socks). It’s perfect summer knitting because it’s so lightweight!

As of right now, I’ve finished one more repeat out of the planned 51, which puts me at a staggering 94% complete with the body of the shawl! Only three more ever-increasing, soul-crushingly long repeats to go, then I get to knit the border, which I hope will go much faster, because there are less stitches on the needle at one time (well, there’s actually like, 400 on the needle, but I’m only working with about forty of them at a time). *crosses fingers*

Speaking of large numbers, my dear, beloved, long-suffering mother turned an undisclosed number of years yesterday:

Happy birthday, mom dear! Sorry your scarf is a little late (I couldn’t block it before we left, and we have guests over tonight, so I can’t block on the guest bed). I’m hoping for a F.O. sometime tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning. I want this thing to be DONE already!

Also, remember that friend whose commencement I went to today? My current non-knitting project is a present for her. I’ll give you a hint: It’s a piece of jewelry, and it involves these:

Nerdiest. Jewelry. Ever. I’ll post photos of those when I’m done with them. For right now, I’m gonna go fall over.


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