14 June, 2007

Ay! The Heat!

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Yeah, we’re going through another heat spike here in the Bay Area. We rarely get them, and as sucks, I do NOT tolerate them well at all. For the past few days, I have been incapable of most things, not including a) lying on the floor in front of the fan, b) taking cold showers, and c) knitting. On the plus side, mom’s Ziggy is done!

Stupid yarn still won’t photograph accurately…

Obviously, it still needs to be blocked, and I plan to do that tonight. Look for a F.O. sometime in the near future! I’m just waiting for it to cool down a wee bit, so I can actually block in a straight line. Since I have no clue where my yardstick is, I’ll have to use the edges of the bed (my blocking surface of choice) and hope it’s straight. Also, I cut it close with the yarn. Look how much is left:

There’s not enough there to do a full repeat, so I think I’ll save it and use it as an embellishment for like, the cuff of a pair of socks, or something. I’d definately use this yarn again. It gets fairly good yardage for its’ price (approx. $7.00 a skein).

Speaking of socks, since I am currently without a travel project, and I finished Ziggy on Tuesday, I started to swatch for my first pair of socks yesterday, but the gauge was much too loose on my US3 DPN’s:

(kinda hard to tell from the photos, but I assure you, it is much too loose for socks). I was about to rip out the swatch and curse my lack of smaller-gauge DPN’s, when I realized something else:

My precious ice blue DPN’s only came in a set of four. So, not only do I have to buy a set of smaller needles (I’m thinking US1’s will be small enough…), I can’t buy the pretty-coloured metal ones. I think I’m just going to lie down in the living room and read for a little while (the used book store was having a sale. I have no regrets). More when the weather lets up a a wee bit.


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  1. dez said,

    Hi! Saw your comment on Harlot. You have a delightful blog. I thought you were an adult, just kidding around about being 16, on the Harlot’s site. My gosh, you ARE sixteen.

    Props on all your lovely knitting. I was a knerdly knitter at your age, too, reading Tolkein and all that. Got very distracted with boys for awhile.

    Hint: stick with knitting. 🙂

    If you are having a hard time finding aluminum needles, let me know, as they are not so hard to find around here.

    Keep up the good work, lass.

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