11 June, 2007

Summer Knitting, it Happened so Fast…

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Yeah, yeah. Bad musical knitting pun, I know. But you all love it, and you know it. Don’t deny it. We knitters love the puns.

Anyway, since it will officially be summer in 10 days (by “official”, I mean the Summer Solstice), here is my current “summer knitting” position:

That’s: glass of ginger ale (no ice, thank you. I hate ice in my drinks), chart for Ziggy, and Ziggy itself, which is really making lots of progress:

Haha, standard “WIP in the window” shot. But the light from the not-quite-setting sun really shows off how much the sheer weight of the project really opens up the pattern. I forsee that very little blocking will be required, but I like to test the limits of how much things will open up when I block them. Since Melange is so damn stretchy, I’m predicting that this thing will grow quite a bit, and it will end up being a wrap instead of a scarf. I’m hoping my dear mother won’t mind too much. She did say she wanted something to keep her warm…

I started the third and last skein of Melange today. Here’s how much is left:

So. Damn. Close.

PS. Remember that sock yarn I bought last week?

Yup. Not socks yet. I just couldn’t bring myself to cast on for another project while this one is so close to being finished. Five more days until my mother’s birthday…


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  1. Amanda said,

    I like your pun!

    The sock yarn is beautiful. What pattern will you use?

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